Weather Working with Clouds

Written by Stephanie Yeh

Working with clouds is a great way to start developing your weather working and psychic abilities. Here's a simple way to work with them:

1. Choose a day that has scattered, puffy clouds for this exercise. Get into a comfortable position (either sitting or laying down) where you can easily seerepparttar clouds.

2. Choose a particular cloud to work with. Decide what you will do with your cloud. You can splitrepparttar 122378 cloud in half, shape it to look like an animal, extend one end ofrepparttar 122379 cloud or makerepparttar 122380 cloud taller. Whatever you choose, keep it simple.

**For instance, you may choose a cloud that already looks like a duck, but a duck with a short tail. Choose to extendrepparttar 122381 duck's tail until it looks proportional torepparttar 122382 rest ofrepparttar 122383 body.

3. Shaperepparttar 122384 cloud using your thoughts and intention. Seerepparttar 122385 cloud as you want it to be. Super-impose that image overrepparttar 122386 actual cloud. You can also talk torepparttar 122387 cloud or use your hands to shaperepparttar 122388 cloud. While you obviously can't touchrepparttar 122389 cloud with your hands, clouds are sensitive to force of movement in your hands.

An Easy Way to Develop Your Psychic Abilities

Written by Stephanie Yeh

Before you waste any time wondering if you have any psychic abilities or whether you can actually develop them, let me clear uprepparttar issue by saying that you do have psychic abilities and you can easily develop them. Everyone has psychic abilities! The question is how you develop them. Would you believe that you can radically increase your psychic abilities by practicing for 5-10 minutes a day? All you need is pen and paper. Don't think about your psychic abilities as something "special" or "difficult to learn. Learning to use your psychic abilities is no more difficult than learning to bake a cake - you're just using different ingredients!

Before we dive into instructions about how to increase your abilities, let's define what we mean by psychic abilities. In shamanic terms, we call these abilities "Spirit perceptics" or "Spirit abilities." In other words, these are abilities beyond your five senses that are part of your Spirit. You can use these abilities to access information way beyond what you can see, hear, touch, taste or smell. With these abilities you can access almost any kind of information, talk to spirits or beings who have died and much more.

Here's a simple exercise that will help you develop your psychic abilities. With this exercise your goal is to practice using your Spirit abilities to access information that you can't access with your five senses. Here's how you do it: 1. Bring pen, paper and a watch or timer to a very public location that has lots of people. Fast food restaurants, airports or malls are good places to start.

2. Seat yourself in a comfortable location where you can easily write, observe people and see your timer or clock.

3. Pick a person to observe (you will need to observe him or her for 30 seconds). Set your timer for 30 seconds and start writing.

4. Write anything and everything that comes up about that person, whether you can directly observe it or not. It's easier to start by writing what you can observe aboutrepparttar 122377 person (such as hair color, clothing, activities and so forth). Don't think about what you are writing and don't allow yourself to pause. Don't worry about whether you're observations are correct or not. Write as much as you can and as fast as you can.

5. Oncerepparttar 122378 30 seconds is up, pick another person to observe, set your timer and start writing.

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