Wealthy people became rich thanks to their assets

Written by Steve Simard

What is an asset ? An asset is simply something that brings money into your pocket.

Liability isrepparttar opposite. It is something that takes money out of your pocket.

Personal loan is a liability, your credit cards debt are liabilities. Your car, your everyday expenses are also liabilities. We have so much liabilities that we have to get a job if we want to pay them...

So we go to work and try to work harder so we can earn more money to pay bigger liabilities. Then we have a house, children, a family to take care of, a dog, a cat, another car so your wife or husband can go to work and bring in a little bit more money, then comes babysitting expenses, and so on, and so on... You know what I'm talking about? Don't you?

So we hope for a pay raise because liabilities are piling up.

How can we get out of that? Get out ofrepparttar 117125 rat race ?

The answer is very easy.... YOU HAVE TO OWN ASSETS. How do I get assets, you might ask ?

You have tools ? You can rent them to someone. They become an assets. You have a spare room in your appartment ? You rent it to someone, there it goes... another asset. You buy stocks from whatever companies ofrepparttar 117126 futur and they rise torepparttar 117127 roof ? You have another asset. You have capital to buy a franchise ofrepparttar 117128 best coffee shop in your area ? there you go... another asset.

Most of assets comes under 3 categories.


In most cases, to own some assets we need capital. Here we go again withrepparttar 117129 old adage that says ''We need money to make money''

You know what ? It is not true anymore. Especially sincerepparttar 117130 Internet age. It has been easier than ever to create assets, create businesses, create money...

Keep the Fires Burning While Building Your On-Line Business

Written by Jeff Gustafson

Some times it is not easy findingrepparttar time to build an On-Line business while holding down a full-time job. Oh, there are plenty of people that want you to believe that it only takes an hour or so each day butrepparttar 117124 reality is that things arenít quite that simple. Anyone who has spent any amount of time at all onrepparttar 117125 Internet knows that:

1.It takes time to search onrepparttar 117126 Internet 2.It takes time to find what is legitimate and what is not legitimate 3.It takes time to test to find out what work

Those that say you can become a millionaire devoting only an hour or two onrepparttar 117127 Internet each day are smoking something mighty funny. The reality is that it takes time and dedication to make even a buck or two.

But there are alternative ways of sustaining yourself income wise to give you more time to build that million-dollar empire. If you have a digital camera and a photo printer, you can support yourself, have a lot of fun doing it, and remove all ofrepparttar 117128 normal pressures of your job to free up not only time, but also your mind to focus on that million-dollar empire. And alongrepparttar 117129 way you will build more interest in you and what you are doing than you could ever imagine. Think about that.

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