Wealthy Countries Richer… but Sending Less in Aid

Written by Gary R. Hess

Forty-five million children are set to die by 2015 if countries likerepparttar United States and Britain don’t meet their aid quotas, reportsrepparttar 113481 international agency of Oxfam.

Even though countries like those inrepparttar 113482 G7 are wealthier than they have ever been before, they are giving far less in developmental assistance than what they did in 1960. The paltry assistance gives only $50 million dollars in foreign aid, while even less, about 40% is given to underdeveloped countries.

The Oxam agency is looking to G7 countries to cancel all poor nations' debts and double their developmental aid. Ifrepparttar 113483 G7 does not agree to these terms,repparttar 113484 MDG (Millennium Development Goals) for reducing poverty will be put out of reach.

The MDG also called for universal primary education, halvingrepparttar 113485 hunger, reduce by two thirdsrepparttar 113486 mortality rate of children under five and by three quartersrepparttar 113487 maternal mortality rate; and haltrepparttar 113488 spread of HIV/AIDS andrepparttar 113489 occurrence of other deadly diseases, like malaria and tuberculosis.

The G7 agreed in 2000 to reach these goals, however none have increased spending.

The United States is actually ranked dead last with only 0.14 percent of GDP going to foreign aid, which is only 1/10th of what it spent onrepparttar 113490 Iraqi war in 2003. Foreign aid given byrepparttar 113491 United States is only 1/14threpparttar 113492 spending of its annual defense budget.

Government Employees are Entrepreneurs, Too!

Written by Karen Little Hardy, MSBA

There is a myth that presumes that civil servants (government employees)are not motivated.

I beg to differ that opinion. For many, there remains a visualization ofrepparttar government employee fromrepparttar 113480 50s and 60s, strudging along with their plastic IDs and pocket retainers.

This description and perception of government employees could not be any further fromrepparttar 113481 truth. Civil servants are an emerging, vibrant and intelligent group of workers who have a heart for service.

Even more refreshing, they have developed a heart for entrepreneurship as well. The pure drive to serve makes them model candidates for homebased business ownership.

Not too long ago, I was approached by a civil servant interested in starting a part-time business. Knowing that I held a Masters degree in business and several years of experience at a Fortune 500 Bank, this employee exemplified a burning desire to not only make a difference, but make money as well. Simply put, this civil servant possessedrepparttar 113482 same drive and aspirations for entrepreneurship like any other true American.

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