We are advertising BACKWARDS and don't realize it!

Written by Jerry Klabunde

I know your going to find this hard to believe, but...... we are advertising backwards and have no idea we are doing it.

We are advertising for ourselves, now just wait a minute before you go hoffing off.

Think about it.....

You likerepparttar ads, you likerepparttar 100962 placement, you giverepparttar 100963 OK.... right? How much product are YOU going to buy from you? There's your answer, orrepparttar 100964 beginning of your answer.

There is a lot to learn,

Creating news releases: easy and free publicity for your business

Written by Angela Booth

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Summary: If you're not sending out news releases every month, you're missing out on free publicity for your business.

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Creating news releases: easy and free publicity for your business

Copyright (c) 2002 by Angela Booth

What's news? You are! If you're not creating monthly news releases for your business, you're missing out on giving your business an instant boost.

As a tech journalist, I received dozens of news releases every day. Most of them went intorepparttar 100961 recycling bin, or were used as scrap paper.

However,repparttar 100962 releases I did use received a fantastic boost of free publicity and instant credibility forrepparttar 100963 businesses which sent them.

Years ago, when I managed a dog training and boarding business, we spent huge dollars every week buying display advertising in a Sunday paper. It bit a massive chunk out of our cash flow, and I knew there had to be a better way. Atrepparttar 100964 time, I wrote romance novels, and didn't think of myself as a copywriter. However, I figured that if I could get some free publicity for us, maybe we could save on advertising.

I sent dozens of news releases to newspapers, radio stations, and TV shows, and we got a wonderful response.

Lots of interviews and television appearances. Great coverage. I managed to position our business as experts in dog behavioral problems, so whenever anything dog-related made news, journalists would call us asrepparttar 100965 experts on dog behavior. One of our trainers would then give newspaper and TV interviews, dispensing advice while promoting our business. Oncerepparttar 100966 publicity ball got rolling,repparttar 100967 only paid advertising we needed to do was inrepparttar 100968 Yellow Pages.

That taught me that if you're willing to put thought, creativity, and time into promoting your business, not only can you save on advertising, but you can also build an image for your business.

=> The major element of your release

Here's a list ofrepparttar 100969 elements of a news story. The story you're presenting must contain at least one of these elements: TIMELINESS, PUBLIC INTEREST, CONFLICT, TRAGEDY, HUMOR, SEX, MONEY, HUMAN INTEREST, THE FUTURE, or ANIMALS.

=> Rules for news releases

IDENTIFICATION: Displayrepparttar 100970 words "News Release" prominently. DATE THE RELEASE. LETTERHEAD: Use your own business letterhead. (Create it in your word processor.) TIMING OF THE RELEASE: Underneathrepparttar 100971 letterhead, type in caps, underlined: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. USE DOUBLE SPACING. LEAVE WIDE MARGINS, for journalists and producers to make notes. FINISH OFF THE COPY: type **ENDS** or ### atrepparttar 100972 end ofrepparttar 100973 copy. CONTACT INFORMATION: vital. You can endrepparttar 100974 release with it, or beginrepparttar 100975 release with it, your preference. You need to includerepparttar 100976 name ofrepparttar 100977 contact person: you, or your client, or both of you, andrepparttar 100978 phone numbers you can reliably be reached at.

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