We are Going to Live on Mars

Written by Arthur Zulu

Good news is hard to come by these days. But alas there is one. Man will soon be living onrepparttar red planet Mars.

The Journey started on a good foot. The space rocket Spirit successfully landed onrepparttar 126003 planet. It began photographing and digging up Mars and sending messages back torepparttar 126004 earth that will soon be vacated. And there is back slapping and clicking of glasses as we drink our wines. And we pray for Spirit and her sister rocket to discover water (we need it badly) and peharps some demand microorganisms hidden in rocks.

That isrepparttar 126005 first phase of this Martian expedition. The next stage will be a manned flight by two dare-devil astronauts, who will be willing to make history by takingrepparttar 126006 two-month long trip. In order to makerepparttar 126007 trip exciting,repparttar 126008 astronauts would first have to set camp onrepparttar 126009 moon. Yes, they would really have to take off fromrepparttar 126010 moon to Mars. (This is not fiction.) And then after several successful flights and mapping of Mars, model houses would have to be built ahead ofrepparttar 126011 Martian exodus. But why you may ask, are we migrating to Mars?

The first reason is that terrorists have taken over this " hell" of a place called earth, and nobody is safe anymore. Even if you were living onrepparttar 126012 tallest building or hiding in a cave. Cave? That isrepparttar 126013 worst. Because allrepparttar 126014 terrorists are now living underrepparttar 126015 mountains and spider holes inrepparttar 126016 bushes far fromrepparttar 126017 prying eyes cameras and secret agents.

The other reason is that there is so much crime on this earth. Think ofrepparttar 126018 murderers,repparttar 126019 robbers, andrepparttar 126020 rapists. Too many guns! Too many bad people. Someone has either been murdered, robbed or raped as you read this. If that person is not you, give glory to God.

Additionally, this earth has been polluted beyond any saying of it. The seas have been turned into sewers, toxic wastes dotrepparttar 126021 land, while fog have taken overrepparttar 126022 atmosphere. So you can see that this earth is no longer safe for habitation.

Religious fundamentalists are not even helping matters. These preachers of hate encourage their followers to go about with knives hidden under their robes and bombs strapped to their waists withrepparttar 126023 intent to killrepparttar 126024 infidels and get a one-way ticket to heaven. And since there are so many heaven lovers,repparttar 126025 ‘infidels' who are dwelling on earth have no place to hide. So these arerepparttar 126026 reasons why we must all vacate earth and go to live on Mars.

But make no mistake about it. It will be easier for a camel to pass throughrepparttar 126027 needle's eye than for you to get visa to Mars. Because there would be physical, mental, and moral security since no social psychopath would be needed on Mars.

The 25 Fallacies of President Bush's State of the Union Address on Terrorism ( Part 2 )

Written by Arthur Zulu

Fallacy 11. "We are working with Iraqis andrepparttar United Nations to prepare for a transition to full Iraqi sovereignty byrepparttar 126002 end of June.... The killers will fail, andrepparttar 126003 people of Iraq will live in freedom." There is no full sovereign country on this earth. Becauserepparttar 126004 small powers—the minnows are perpetually living underrepparttar 126005 shadows ofrepparttar 126006 big powers—the tritons. Inrepparttar 126007 book, CHASING SHADOWS!: A Dream; I called themrepparttar 126008 Say powers andrepparttar 126009 Yes powers. And in these days of unipolarism and regime change, full sovereignty can go to ‘hell.'

Besides, there is no guarantee of self-government in Iraq by June 2004. The UN was recently dragged intorepparttar 126010 Iraqi ‘business.' And talking of freedom, didrepparttar 126011 Iraqis say that they want it? There is even talk of a civil war in that country sooner or later.

Fallacy 12. "Because of American leadership and resolve,repparttar 126012 world is changing forrepparttar 126013 better." Lie. And damned lie. Or was it because Libya's leader Colonel Qadhafi saidrepparttar 126014 other day that he was dismantling all his dangerous weapons? Who doesn't know why?

This world has never been a better place to live. What with wars and more wars? Maybe we should be ‘spirited' to Mars and haverepparttar 126015 ‘opportunity' to live there in peace. According to Ivan L. Head, president ofrepparttar 126016 international research centre, "Since 1945, there have been less than seven weeks whenrepparttar 126017 world has been free of military activity." And as you read this, 12 wars are going on aroundrepparttar 126018 globe today. Ifrepparttar 126019 earth were a patient, her condition would be said to be hypercritical, not ‘better.'

Fallacy 13. "And one reason is clear: For diplomacy to be effective, words must be credible—and no one can now doubtrepparttar 126020 word of America.... America andrepparttar 126021 international community are demanding that Iran meet its commitment and not develop nuclear weapons. America is committed to keepingrepparttar 126022 world's most dangerous weapons out ofrepparttar 126023 hands ofrepparttar 126024 world's most dangerous regimes." Fine words. Now hear Nancy Pelosi again: "As a nation, we must show our greatness, not just our strength. America must be a light torepparttar 126025 world, not just a missile." The nuclear weapons possessed byrepparttar 126026 United States alone can kill every man, woman and child living onrepparttar 126027 earth today 12 times over! And allrepparttar 126028 nuclear arsenals possessed byrepparttar 126029 superpowers haverepparttar 126030 destructive power of 6,000 Second World Wars. I mean 6,000 times 55 millions lives that perished inrepparttar 126031 madness. What's your answer?

Now, look atrepparttar 126032 double standard. Why mustrepparttar 126033 U.S. and other superpowers possess weapons of mass destruction while other nations are not even allowed to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes? Why? OK, all animals are equal but some are more equal thanrepparttar 126034 others. (Apologies to George Orwell.) And why should other countries, which are not inrepparttar 126035 superpower category like Israel, India and Pakistan be allowed to possess these banned weapons? All right, they are not rogue states or members ofrepparttar 126036 Axis of Evil.

If ‘words must be credible' why didrepparttar 126037 US abandonrepparttar 126038 Kyoto protocol on global warning—an agreement that she pledged to keep. America should lead by example. If you have weapons of mass destruction, what stops me from having them? After all, what is source forrepparttar 126039 goose is source forrepparttar 126040 gander.

Fallacy 14. "I gave to you and to all Americans my complete commitment to securing our country and defeating our enemies." The questions that we should be asking are, Why doesrepparttar 126041 world hate America? I have published articles on this subject onrepparttar 126042 Internet. I think thatrepparttar 126043 solution should start from askingrepparttar 126044 right questions. Who was it that said to knowrepparttar 126045 disease is halfrepparttar 126046 cure? He was probably right.

In regard torepparttar 126047 assurance of securing and defeating enemies, King David of Israel wrote over 1,500 years ago: "Do not put your trust in nobles, nor inrepparttar 126048 son of earthling man, to whom no salvation belongs. His spirit goes out, he goes back to his ground, in that day his thoughts do perish." That isrepparttar 126049 bottom line.

Fallacy 15. "And my Administration, and this Congress will give yourepparttar 126050 resources you need to fight and winrepparttar 126051 war on terror." The President was referring torepparttar 126052 American military men and women in Iraq. But exactly how much has been spent on this Iraqi war? Hear Nancy Pelosi: "A colossal $120 billion and rising" borne by American taxpayers. Just think of how far that sum of money can go to solving economic problems. Kofi Annan,repparttar 126053 UN scribe recently said thatrepparttar 126054 resources expended on war is exacting a toll on world development. And recently atrepparttar 126055 World Economic Summit at Davos Switzerland,repparttar 126056 question on every body's lips was, Wouldrepparttar 126057 US economy recover quick enough to avert a world economic melt down? No thanks torepparttar 126058 billions of money spent on senseless wars. Yet about $1.5 billion will be spent this minute on military expenditure! How much would have been burnt atrepparttar 126059 end of your reading this article? By today's end, 40,000 children would die of hunger alone!

Fallacy 16. "I know that some people question if America is really in a war at all." They are right. In a war, there must be clear enemies. The enemies must be in a defined territory. And there must be a bone of contention—a clear cause ofrepparttar 126060 war.

But inrepparttar 126061 so-called war on terror, we don't know whorepparttar 126062 enemies are. Neither do we know where they live. Besides, those fighting againstrepparttar 126063 terrorists do not knowrepparttar 126064 cause of provocation. At Davos, Vice-President Dick Cheney was talking aboutrepparttar 126065 democratization ofrepparttar 126066 Middle East as an antidote to terrorism. But does that solverepparttar 126067 problem? Look at great democracies like Indonesia, Russia andrepparttar 126068 Philippines. What do we see there? Terrorism. Or it is separatism?

Fallacy 17. "Some in this chamber and in our country, did not supportrepparttar 126069 liberation of Iraq ....But let us be candid aboutrepparttar 126070 consequences of leaving Saddam Hussein in power....We are seeking allrepparttar 126071 facts. The Kay Report identified dozens of weapons of mass destruction-related program activities and significant amounts of equipment that Iraq concealed fromrepparttar 126072 United Nations." That is not true. The U.S. weapons inspector, David Kay—who has since resigned—has gone to town to announce that Iraq did not have such weapons. He was sure that someone had cookedrepparttar 126073 facts, and he called for an investigation and an apology. Even Bush himself has turned an about face saying: "I want to knowrepparttar 126074 facts." And he has set up an independent bi-partisan commission of inquiry—the 9/11 Commission—to find out what went wrong. Even atrepparttar 126075 other end in Britain a similar inquiry is on. (May we live in interesting times!)

So he did not knowrepparttar 126076 facts? So intelligence can fail? There was negative or missed intelligence inrepparttar 126077 Japanese Imperial Navy attack on American army at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 and onrepparttar 126078 terrorist attack inrepparttar 126079 World Trade Center on 9/11. Ifrepparttar 126080 most powerful man inrepparttar 126081 world is ignorant of another attack of immense proportions because of intelligence failure, can we be said to be safe? Your answer is as good as mine.

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