We Must Go to War

Written by Ieuan Dolby

“I say chaps; our economy is not doing too well at all”. My bank balance is just too low and to be quite honest I would like to buy another million dollar house inrepparttar Bahamas becauserepparttar 113485 other five that I have are just not enough for my lover and I – education forrepparttar 113486 children is so expensive.

What on earth can we do about this disastrous situation? Hey, I have an idea let’s go to war, that always boostsrepparttar 113487 economy and lets us build more arms and then afterwards we can rebuildrepparttar 113488 fallen nation and my company can go in and get allrepparttar 113489 contracts. Yeah, I like that! Last week my wife threatened to leave me, said that she would sue me for halfrepparttar 113490 estate, 20billion dollars she would get, so I need to do something urgent about that. Maybe transfer all my funds to some Mickey Mouse state, declare bankruptcy, go to trial and then be set free – of course withrepparttar 113491 provision that I behave myself! Oh, I’ll behave myself all right withrepparttar 113492 my yacht, my string of woman at my beck and call and a bank account filled withrepparttar 113493 proceeds of millions from my fallen companies pension funds earnings – stupid investors.

I must not step ahead of myself just yet though. Court cases take years to produce results so my wife can be kept loose and withrepparttar 113494 odd million to keep her mouth shut. Maybe she will end inrepparttar 113495 AA clinic, take drugs or have an affair – that would soon settle her score. And also my companies have not yet been raided by auditors; they certainly would have a field day in my offices as nothing adds up at all. What’s one plus one? In my books it equals three hundred and forty six if you get my drift! I’ve been cookingrepparttar 113496 books and fooling people for years, all those silly workers who’ve invested in my ultimate pension fund scam; they have just given me my very own pension fund and plenty of it too. The funny thing about all of this though is that all ofrepparttar 113497 paperwork leads to others doors, I can just pretend that I amrepparttar 113498 poor victim of my financial officer’s scams or that my Chief Executive was building his own empire behind my back – great beingrepparttar 113499 boss andrepparttar 113500 owner don’t you think?

The important thing for me now though is not my deranged wife or my troubled company, both of them will take years to sort out and a few greased palms will soon ease my way if I am not already on my remote island. The problem now though is that I am not inrepparttar 113501 Forbes top 100 list ofrepparttar 113502 world’s richest men. That is my dream, to be recognized and knownrepparttar 113503 world over as being superior and above, to be talked about inrepparttar 113504 same hushed tone as Bill Gates and to be up there withrepparttar 113505 best ofrepparttar 113506 best. And at this rate I will not get there. The economy has stagnated, I cannot take any more money fromrepparttar 113507 investors, I cannot cookrepparttar 113508 books any more as they are already cinders and I cannot makerepparttar 113509 company seem any more valuable than it already is not. I just needrepparttar 113510 economy to pick up so that I will getrepparttar 113511 contracts, attractrepparttar 113512 investors, re-cookrepparttar 113513 new books and walk away with others billions and then my place will forever be secured!

reflection of american muslim

Written by Madiha Najeeb


Afterrepparttar 9/11 event, all Muslims are thinking that”What isrepparttar 113484 future of Islam? ”, especially in America, as we are seeing in Iraq, Afghanistan what is America is doing inrepparttar 113485 name of terrisiom. While seeing inrepparttar 113486 present, we do not seerepparttar 113487 future, but we are concerned aboutrepparttar 113488 future as whatever we do now will affect our future. In America we are actually notrepparttar 113489 first wave of Muslims who came to this country. There have been at least three waves of Muslims who came before us, but they were not able to established Islam for what ever reasons. What are they, at this time move toward and over look on them? The first wave of Muslims came or were brought in as slaves fromrepparttar 113490 Africa about two hundred years ago. Muslims could not establish themselves as Muslims as they were oppressed. They are chained and left on plantation in total slavery, their religion, names were changed and there social structure was broken. They were not allowed to practice their religion. So we cannot blameworthiness them for not being able to conventional Islam. Now second waves came after WW1 from Balkan state, Lebanon e.t.c. These Muslims were settled inrepparttar 113491 Midwest and north east, including areas like Dearborn, Toledo, Chicago and Detroit. On that time they squander their time and life to establishing themselves as cost-effectively and socially. Religion was not on their minds at that time. They just pay no heed to it at all. It is heartening to note that many ofrepparttar 113492 descendants ofrepparttar 113493 first two waves are now coming back torepparttar 113494 fold over of Islam and helping establish Islam in collaboration withrepparttar 113495 third waves, which includesrepparttar 113496 immigrant Muslims coming to this country sincerepparttar 113497 1950’s and constitution (60%) of sixrepparttar 113498 six million, present-day American Muslims. Many ofrepparttar 113499 Afro-Americans are now finding their roots in Islam, reverting to Islam, and asserting themselves as Muslims. But this is not enough we have to think and envisage our mistakes and try to over come on it to establish ourselves as a great Muslims. The best thing is learn some lesson from our past. A glorious Muslim empire in Andalusia (Spain), about seven hundred years, Muslims ruled that country, but we were wiped out afterrepparttar 113500 inquisition. If we analyze that time so we will see several reasons for them not to establish Islam inrepparttar 113501 land forever. The First reason wasrepparttar 113502 lack of unity amongrepparttar 113503 Muslims. In Spain they createdrepparttar 113504 class structure of Muslims, and theses classes did not live on equal basis. This was against Islam. Second, they were not able to practice Islam collectively, but more individually. Islam isrepparttar 113505 religion that has to be practiced collectively. Third Islamic education on an individual level was not there, but there was more emphasis was given torepparttar 113506 secular and technical education. Fourth, too much emphasis onrepparttar 113507 culture inrepparttar 113508 form of art, music, food or dress but not enough on defense. “Culture is necessary forrepparttar 113509 survival ofrepparttar 113510 soul, defense is necessary for ofrepparttar 113511 soul, defense is necessary forrepparttar 113512 survival ofrepparttar 113513 body.” Finally,repparttar 113514 most important reason that these civilizations were destroyed and were fail it provoke other to Islam. Invitation to Islam is not lavishness, but a prerequisite and a tool for endurance. While discussingrepparttar 113515 future of Islam in America, we must examinerepparttar 113516 parameters of a good future. If we judgerepparttar 113517 future by numbers, yes, it is truerepparttar 113518 numbers of Muslims are tremendously increasing in this country. A quarter of century ago there were about hundred thousand Muslims, and now there are over six millions. If we look atrepparttar 113519 world maprepparttar 113520 number of Muslims is over a billion, but regrettably they hardly have any strength in that number. Itrepparttar 113521 quality ofrepparttar 113522 Muslims that is important, rather thanrepparttar 113523 number itself. The quality of Muslims who were inrepparttar 113524 minority and out numbered inrepparttar 113525 “Battle of Badr” by three to one, but they were able to succeed withrepparttar 113526 conviction “that they arerepparttar 113527 best nation created for mankind”. Although our number is very similar torepparttar 113528 Jewish people in this country, we have no comparison in strength in terms ofrepparttar 113529 economics, politics and educational strength. We do not have any congressman or senators. We do not control university boards or facilities. We do not have a single factory or financial institution which is able to employ. Muslims in large numbers, therefore we cannot able to judgerepparttar 113530 future of Islam byrepparttar 113531 number of Muslims praying onrepparttar 113532 earth. M any ofrepparttar 113533 Muslims, especially of in-migrant origin, is embroiled in preservingrepparttar 113534 ethnic culture, but this ethnic culture, whether inrepparttar 113535 name of social parties, music, dress shows, is nothing but passing shows. After this generation ofrepparttar 113536 Muslims has passed away, our children and youth of immigrant parents will not be able to sustain that ethnic culture. There will be only two cultures left for Muslims: an Islamic culture andrepparttar 113537 American culture.

What about our health and physical strength? In my opinion, are not keeping themselves in physical shape either. Most of our parties involve nothing but sitting down, making chit-chat and eating rich foods and then going to bed, result of that foods are coronary artery disease, diabetes and many chronic conditions is increasing. We are not doing exercise nor are we watching our diets and nutrition. I m saying all this that our neighbors decide to do ethnic cleansing, as it I happening in Bosnia, twenty years from now, will we prepared to defend our women and children? Or, ifrepparttar 113538 United Nations an Bosnian government requestrepparttar 113539 Muslims of America to come and help them, are we in physical shapes to go there and help them in their war? A healthy Muslim isrepparttar 113540 backbone of a healthy community. It is true that our family and our youth future. Muslim elders, scholars, writer and leader are now in their fifties. Inrepparttar 113541 next twenty to twenty-five years, this generation, which is bearingrepparttar 113542 task of trying to establish Islam, will pass away. Unless we have created a new grassroots leadership which will replace us, there will be a vacuum.

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