We English - a nation of (RSS) shopkeepers

Written by Steve Hawker MSc

We English are a nation of shopkeepers. Napoleon said so.

As just such a shopkeeper, I have to say that I do love my work. I get up early every morning to check how sales went overnight. How many customers came in? What did they buy? Did they ask for anything that I havenít got in stock? I then checkrepparttar money Ďtakeí to confirm whatís selling well and whatís not. My shop, byrepparttar 144919 way, is a Ď24/7í Internet enterprise.

My next joys are to replenishrepparttar 144920 shelves of my shop with fresh products and remove any old stock. This isnít a manual labour of love though. Itís just a matter of visiting several wholesalers onrepparttar 144921 Ďnet (the affiliate network sites) and ordering stock. These sites offer shopkeepers like me a growing number of RSS product feeds.

I simply selectrepparttar 144922 merchants I want to do business with andrepparttar 144923 products I want to stock. The degree of product selection available to me depends onrepparttar 144924 wayrepparttar 144925 RSS feeds have been set-up. Sometimes, I must take every product a merchant offers me (or none at all); often I can take a group of products from various merchants; usually, I can opt for a specific product with high value to my customers.

Having made my selections (of merchant and product), I downloadrepparttar 144926 RSS feeds. This is an elegant process, wherebyrepparttar 144927 software checks to see if I already haverepparttar 144928 ordered products in stock atrepparttar 144929 desired levels, fills my shelves if I havenít, and removes any stock thatís past its Ďsell-byí date. There are no delivery drivers to monitor; no pallet trucks to push; no returns documentation to fill in. Whatís more, my merchants do most ofrepparttar 144930 merchandising for me: offering me up-to-date photographs, product descriptions, prices and so on, as part of their feeds.

Within an hour, Iíve re-stocked my shop with fresh, desirable produce. Of course, thatís notrepparttar 144931 end of my joy. Oh no,repparttar 144932 rest of my day is spent in gleeful bookkeeping, marketing and so on;repparttar 144933 kind of pleasures undertaken elsewhere in retail management. Thankfully, my wholesalers do much ofrepparttar 144934 data management for me, which makes bookkeeping easier. The suppliers meanwhile send me special offers by email, which is akin to entertaining sales reps. in real world shopping, I suppose.

Iíve just painted a very rosy picture ofrepparttar 144935 modern English shopkeeper. It sounds like an idyllic way to earn a living. Yet, being an English shopkeeper largely reliant on RSS feeds does have its frustrations.

Google Traffic Report Card-Does Your Website Pass? Part 1 of 7

Written by Leah J Bradshaw

This is part 1 of a 7 part series that examinesrepparttar 7 factors of incoming links that Google considers when choosing a spot for your website in it's SERP's.

Why incoming links? First because these are what Google placesrepparttar 144839 highest value on. But, all incoming links are NOT created equal. This 7 part course looks atrepparttar 144840 kinds of links Google values when "rating" your website inrepparttar 144841 SERP's. Each type of link discussed is important to your overall link strategy and consequently your free traffic levels.

The first factor is of courserepparttar 144842 anchor text used in your incoming links. The importance ofrepparttar 144843 keywords used to link to your website are more important to Google thanrepparttar 144844 content that is actually on your page. You can generally use anchor link text with your keywords and not even haverepparttar 144845 keywords onrepparttar 144846 page and still get a good ranking in Google for that term if enough incoming links have that keyword pharse in them.

If you've heard ofrepparttar 144847 phrase "Google Bombing" then you know what I'm talking about. Basically it's when a set of webmasters or blog owners decide to get a page ranked for a certain term and all leave links back torepparttar 144848 selected site withrepparttar 144849 keyword phrase that they want that page to rank for.

The most notorious example of this isrepparttar 144850 "bombing" done by several blog owners torepparttar 144851 George W Bush biograpby page. Several bloggers left links torepparttar 144852 page containingrepparttar 144853 keyword text "miserable failure" and consequently this page turns up asrepparttar 144854 number 1 result in Google forrepparttar 144855 term, even thoughrepparttar 144856 words don't appear anywhere onrepparttar 144857 page.

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