We Can Change the World

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

It is important to have some idea of whatrepparttar nature ofrepparttar 113476 world governance has been before we get into trying to change it. I will present only a small part ofrepparttar 113477 situation in this book because I think I have presented enough of it in other books. There is no boogeyman and probably no one person and maybe even no one group of people who are atrepparttar 113478 top ofrepparttar 113479 dung heap that has put nations over people and people over their own mothers and sisters. Paradigm pundits call me a ‘conspiracy theorist’ and those looking for answers who have found one portion ofrepparttar 113480 elite who they blame forrepparttar 113481 situation will often call me an agent ofrepparttar 113482 elite.

Rothschild versus Lincoln:

Pierre Belmont and Judah Benjamin are most interesting studies inrepparttar 113483 matter ofrepparttar 113484 War Betweenrepparttar 113485 States. Belmont was Democratic National Chairman and very muchrepparttar 113486 Rothschild operative as he reported through Salomon Rothschild.

“The election of Abraham Lincoln in November 1860 was seen by Salomon as merely one step closer torepparttar 113487 abyss, and he had nothing but contempt forrepparttar 113488 new President.

… he is not up to his position andrepparttar 113489 Republicans themselves regret having nominated him. He rejects all forms of compromise and thinks only of repression by force of arms. He hasrepparttar 113490 appearance of a peasant and can only tell bar-room stories. The other day I saw one of his supporters, who had been to see him at Springfield to chat with him aboutrepparttar 113491 situation. He found him seated, legs onrepparttar 113492 mantelpiece, in shirtsleeves, hat on his head, amusing himself by spitting great gobs of tobacco juice that he extracted from his quid. After conversation which shed no light onrepparttar 113493 way Mr. Lincoln viewed things,repparttar 113494 visitor – who is one ofrepparttar 113495 Republican leaders – went away very disappointed inrepparttar 113496 future president. In this country, people do not take umbrage at nonentities;repparttar 113497 greatest claim to public favour is to be unknown.” (1)

Belmont was not in agreement with Salomon as regardsrepparttar 113498 maintaining ofrepparttar 113499 Union and he went over his head torepparttar 113500 other Rothschilds in Europe. The full extent of their ability to play both ends againstrepparttar 113501 middle seems largely unconsidered by most historians. The same was true when they were being ousted by converted Jews andrepparttar 113502 Péreires inrepparttar 113503 time of Napoleon. The same is true today but you will have to read all my books and many ofrepparttar 113504 source material to get torepparttar 113505 point where you can be sure this is at least partially true.

“Up untilrepparttar 113506 mid-centuryrepparttar 113507 Rothschilds entrusted to agents their business in distant lands. There might be on-the-spot financiers or merchants, or trusted bank employees sent abroad after years at New Court or Rue Lafitte. Whoever they were, their positions carried enormous responsibility and prestige, as well asrepparttar 113508 potential for considerable personal profit.

Rothschilds were inrepparttar 113509 vanguard of overseas development. As new colonies were opened up in Africa, andrepparttar 113510 newly created nations of South America sought to expand their economies,repparttar 113511 agents ofrepparttar 113512 Paris or London house were there to buy up mining concessions, finance railway building or provide state loans. They owned or had major shareholdings in Central American ironworks, North American canal construction companies and a multiplicity of other concerns. They becamerepparttar 113513 major importers of bullion fromrepparttar 113514 newly discovered goldfields; in 1855repparttar 113515 London band established its own gold refinery on Tower Hill in premises recently vacated byrepparttar 113516 Royal Mint.” (2)

Thus we must look torepparttar 113517 Rockefellers and J. P. Morgan andrepparttar 113518 control of technology through General Electric and many other things which we have done. My own comments onrepparttar 113519 Peking Man explorations are already too far fromrepparttar 113520 normal perception ofrepparttar 113521 man named Teilhard by even suggesting he was catering to his sponsor. But it would not berepparttar 113522 first time that a person was attacked by such an organization (as he often was, and you can see in comments we have quoted fromrepparttar 113523 Catholic Encyclopedia) in order to make a more credible spokesman and agent for their real cause. There is no good reason to further debate Teilhard except forrepparttar 113524 facts we are about to relay in reference torepparttar 113525 Rockefeller Foundation. The Yale connection andrepparttar 113526 Skull & Bones Society founded by a great Merovingian name (Russell) andrepparttar 113527 Opium Wars are all related as well. It would serverepparttar 113528 reader well to wait and read before making decisions about these things.


Now a financial problem loomed. The Rockefeller Foundation grant that supportedrepparttar 113529 digging would run out in April 1929. So in January Black wroterepparttar 113530 directors, asking them to supportrepparttar 113531 Zhoukoudian excavations by creating a Cenozoic Research Laboratory (the Cenozoic includesrepparttar 113532 periods fromrepparttar 113533 Paleocene torepparttar 113534 Holocene). In April, Black receivedrepparttar 113535 funds he desired.

Just a few years before, Rockefeller Foundation officials had actively discouraged Black from becoming too involved in paleoanthropological research. Now they were backing him torepparttar 113536 hilt, setting up an institute specifically devoted to searching for remains of fossil human ancestors {The religious tides were changing as their 'Bible Narrative' approach shepherded by Frederick T. Gates a prominent Baptist educator and founder of their Foundation was seen as less influential in bending minds than what is coming.}. Why hadrepparttar 113537 Rockefeller Foundation so changed its attitude toward Black and his work? This question bears looking into, becauserepparttar 113538 financial contribution of foundations would turn out to be vital to human evolution research carried out by scientists like Black {The author of this quote is a historian who is not aware ofrepparttar 113539 nature ofrepparttar 113540 Skull & Bones Society or other Merovingian import.}. Foundation support would also prove important in broadcastingrepparttar 113541 news ofrepparttar 113542 finds and their significance torepparttar 113543 waiting world.

As Warren Weaver, a scientist and Rockefeller Foundation official, wrote in 1967: 'In a perfect world an idea could be born, nourished, developed and made known to everyone, criticized and perfected, and put to good use withoutrepparttar 113544 crude fact of financial support ever entering in torepparttar 113545 process. Seldom, if ever, inrepparttar 113546 practical world in which we live does this occur.'

For Weaver, biological questions were ofrepparttar 113547 highest importance. He regardedrepparttar 113548 highly publicized particle accelerators and space explorations programs as something akin to scientific fads. He added: 'The opportunities not yet rigorously explored lie inrepparttar 113549 understanding ofrepparttar 113550 nature of living things.' It seemed clear in 1932, whenrepparttar 113551 Rockefeller Foundation launched its quarter-century program in that area, thatrepparttar 113552 biological and medical sciences were ready ‘for a friendly invasion byrepparttar 113553 physical sciences...repparttar 113554 tools are now available for discovering, onrepparttar 113555 most disciplined and precise level of molecular actions, how man's central nervous system really operates, how he thinks, learns, remembers, and forgets… Apart fromrepparttar 113556 fascination of gaining some knowledge ofrepparttar 113557 nature ofrepparttar 113558 mind-brain-body relationship,repparttar 113559 practical values in such studies are potentially enormous. Only thus may we gain information about our behavior ofrepparttar 113560 sort that can lead to wise and beneficial control.'

Paradigm Engineering and History

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

Those who try to define or somehow limit spirituality end up ignoring its nature and those who accept it blindly assign it virtues beyond its purpose. It is not just religion or metaphysical science which concerns mankind as we try to make sense of our present and future potential to addressrepparttar ethics and technologies that could allow real growth and movement away from our history of destructive acts that develop warfare rather than our total potential as life on Earth. Here is a case in point dealing with history andrepparttar 113475 cultural contact that took place in pre-Columbian times withrepparttar 113476 Americas. It is my response to someone who thinks you can tell a whole new history in a few threads who also has not read many ofrepparttar 113477 excerpts much less any of my books.

‘Science has found Roman and Etruscan settlements in America and many other cultures too. It is reported inrepparttar 113478 original writings ofrepparttar 113479 first missionaries and it is in modern archaeology. There were Basque speaking communities in Central America found inrepparttar 113480 last century and Rongorongo of Ilavarta and Easter Island was there too.

No, in factrepparttar 113481 problem is rather what Lord Renfrew has said. History has been shown to be a pack of lies. Lord Renfrew, Disney Professor of Archaeology at Cambridge University states:

"Archaeologists all overrepparttar 113482 world have realized that much of prehistory, as written inrepparttar 113483 existing textbooks, is inadequate. Some is quite simply wrong. What has come as a considerable shock, a development hardly foreseeable just a few years ago, is that prehistory, as we have learnt it is based upon several assumptions which can no longer be accepted as valid.."

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