We'll Just Rule the World Now, OK?

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

One has to wonder ifrepparttar corporate directive at Microsoft is as blatant as it seems fromrepparttar 119067 outside. What is it that makes them behave as if monopolistic bullying is an inherent right forrepparttar 119068 biggest, baddest damned behemoth ever to roamrepparttar 119069 face ofrepparttar 119070 information economy? That they can rulerepparttar 119071 Earth just because they think they'd like to give it a go?

It is almost inconceivable that they already rule planet PC, fromrepparttar 119072 operating system, torepparttar 119073 web browser, torepparttar 119074 email client, torepparttar 119075 word processing program, torepparttar 119076 calendaring program, torepparttar 119077 media player, torepparttar 119078 spreadsheet, torepparttar 119079 financial software, torepparttar 119080 presentation application, torepparttar 119081 web server software, etc., etc., etc., ad infinitum.

Microsoft kinda oughtta be satisfied with that, eh? NOOOOO! Let's have them control software RE-licensing, enterprise mail servers, certification of network administrators, and GEE fellas! How's about we develop a system called .Net in which we store and control, via our proprietary system, allrepparttar 119082 information onrepparttar 119083 planet? Cool idea huh?

While we're at it, why don't we tie all our products together, being certain that nobody uses any competing software -- with Smart Tags? These little geniuses will not only allow us to control software worldwide, but allrepparttar 119084 advertising on every web page inrepparttar 119085 world by allowing us to plant hyperlinks on those pages that connect to advertisers who'll pay Microsoft to hijack website traffic? Jeeeezz! This is sooooo cool!

Judge Penfield Jackson couldn't remain unbiased when he saw these tactics and publicly stated his disdain for blatant monopolistic practices that only a team of Microsoft lawyers could possibly approve of. So it is almost as thoughrepparttar 119086 court of appeals has now said, "No matter how heinous a crime, don't ever let 'em see you flinch! It makes you look as if you actually have some morals and standards. Judges are not allowed public opinions!"

Overcoming Your Cyberspace Fears:

Written by Marc McDonald

With allrepparttar doom and gloom surroundingrepparttar 119066 Dot Com meltdown overrepparttar 119067 past year, it seems that fear has replaced optimism for many people who are trying to make a living in cyberspace.

No doubt, there is quite a bit to be pessimistic about in today's post-Web stock mania crash environment. But onrepparttar 119068 other hand, a lot ofrepparttar 119069 fears and anxieties that I often see expressed by Webmasters are often overblown and are not rooted in reality. The fact is: it's a big enough challenge these days building a successful site, without burdening yourself with unreasonable worries. Here are some ofrepparttar 119070 more common fears that I've encountered:

1. "The party's over and I arrived too late to stake my claim in cyberspace." Reality: It's true thatrepparttar 119071 heady days of easy money and instant Dot Com millionaires are behind us, (at least for now). Butrepparttar 119072 fact is,repparttar 119073 Web is still a young medium and it still has enormous potential that hasn't even begun to be tapped out yet. This may be hard to believe---especially givenrepparttar 119074 enormous negative publicity surroundingrepparttar 119075 collapse of many previously high-flying Dot Com companies.

However, what is overlooked by many gloomy media reports is thatrepparttar 119076 Web itself is alive and well. Millions of new Web sites continue to emerge every month. And overall traffic forrepparttar 119077 Web continues to rise. The fact is, without exception,repparttar 119078 disgraced Dot Coms that crashed and burned were companies that really didn't have solid business plans for profitability.

In reality,repparttar 119079 only reason their stock prices soared inrepparttar 119080 first place was a combination of easy money, recklessness, greed and an absurd temporary mania for all things Net-related.

However, it's important to separate that fiasco fromrepparttar 119081 realities ofrepparttar 119082 Web today. The fact remains: if you have a good idea, and a solid business plan for a Web site---and you're willing to work hard---then opportunities for success still abound in cyberspace.

2. "I'm not a tech person. Building a Web site and making it successful requires complex skills that I don't have."

Reality: I hear this particular fear expressed quite a bit by people who would love to set up shop onrepparttar 119083 Web and earn a living in cyberspace. And I think this fear is greatly overblown. Don't fool yourself:repparttar 119084 fact is, setting up a Web site is a fairly easy task....in fact, you'll find that your biggest challenge is not building a site, but drawing visitors.

And as far as drawing visitors goes, you really don't have to be a Web guru or a tech person to achieve this. We're not talking about rocket science here---simply relentlessly doingrepparttar 119085 basics and doing them well: making your site a compelling and useful resource that people will bookmark; learning aboutrepparttar 119086 search engines; working out linkbacks with other sites, etc.

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