We'll Get Back to You

Written by Arleen M. Kaptur

When you decide to open up a website, you are literally inviting thousands of visitors into your storefront. Some speak different languages, come from foreign countries, and live all overrepparttar world.

Information about your product or service will be read from "sea to shining sea" and possibly make its way aroundrepparttar 125043 world many times a day. With allrepparttar 125044 technological advances and new discoveries,repparttar 125045 one constant or fine point of marketing that does not change, in any language, or at any destination, is common courtesy and great service. Those magic words of "Thank You" and "Welcome" are understood in any dialect. If you add a very potent one - "I'm sorry" then you have masteredrepparttar 125046 complex world of international marketing.

If you have a great product and service, why is there a need to say "I'm sorry"? Well, when translations occur, requests can be misread or even "lost inrepparttar 125047 translations." Product descriptions or service guarantees may not use terms that are readility acceptable or understood so further explanations are in need. A myriad of other examples exist, but being ready to use "I'm sorry forrepparttar 125048 delay" or "I'm sorry but I don't understand your questions or concern" should be as much a part of your internet vocabulary or responses as is "Thank you for your order" and "Thank you for letting us serve you again."

While languages differ, basic common courtesy toward people does not. A simple phrase of acknowledgement such as "Welcome" is appreciated inrepparttar 125049 grasslands as well as in a desert. If we practice enough of it, it comes automatically and we don't even have to try and remember "Thank you" or

7 Profitable Ways to Use Autoresponders

Written by Angela Wu

A visitor clicks onrepparttar link to your site and starts reading. She's intrigued and nearly ready to buy -- but at that very moment,repparttar 125042 kids come back inside and she leavesrepparttar 125043 computer to tend to them, meaning to go back later to make a purchase.

Chances are, you just lost a sale. There are countless reasons why an interested prospect may not buy right away. Even if they intend to re-visit your site later, 'later' may never come -- they might not even remember your URL!

By capturing your visitor's email address, you can follow-up with them and increaserepparttar 125044 likelihood of catching them at a time that they're ready to buy. Here are a profitable ways you can use autoresponders to help convert more of your visitors into paying customers:

__1. Distribute a Newsletter.

Most good autoresponders have two important features that are perfect for distributing newsletters: a personalisation feature, and a broadcast feature. Wouldn't you be more likely to read something that's directly addressed to you?

__2. Automate Your Sales Process.

Repeated exposure torepparttar 125045 same message has been shown to increase sales. In an short ezine ad, for example, where you only have a limited amount of space, why not publish your autoresponder address instead of a website URL? With short ads like these, your objective is to generate leads, not make a sale. By directing readers to your autoresponder, you have multiple opportunities to convert your leads into sales.

__3. Use Them to Distribute Your Articles.

Writing articles and making them freely available for reprint is an excellent way to build credibility, drive more traffic to your site, and increase sales. In return for providing content-rich articles, editors will print your 'resource box': a short description of you and your product or service. Within your resource box, you can direct readers to write to your autoresponder for a free email course, free story, or whatever is appropriate for your line of business.

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