Ways To Improve Your Ad Copy

Written by Robert Kleine

1. You could decrease or increaserepparttar length of your ad copy. There is no rule on how long your ad copy should be unless space is a consideration. The ad should be long enough to sell your product.

2. You could add some sub headlines on your ad copy. Sub headlines act just like headlines; they grabrepparttar 108056 readers attention. They'll keeprepparttar 108057 readers interested as they continue to read your ad.

3. You could ask your reader questions through outrepparttar 108058 ad copy. They will answerrepparttar 108059 questions in their own head as they read your ad copy. The questions you ask should persuaderepparttar 108060 reader into buying.

4. You could highlight keywords through out your ad copy. The keywords should be attractive to your target audience. You could highlight them with color, underlines, italics, etc.

5. You could bullet or indent your benefits on your ad copy. Must people won't read a whole ad copy, so make your products benefits standout and you won't loserepparttar 108061 sales from allrepparttar 108062 skimmers.

Knowing Your Market ~ The Key to Good Sales Copy

Written by Linda Offenheiser

One ofrepparttar most important facets of good copywriting is knowingrepparttar 108055 market you’re writing for. You must know what this market is looking for and what problems it needs to solve. Once you knowrepparttar 108056 answers to those two questions you can write effective persuasive copy that will bring you results.

Writing generic ads that aren’t directed to a specific target group won’t work no matter how well craftedrepparttar 108057 ads are. So,repparttar 108058 first thing you need to do is learn everything you can about your market.

There are several ways you can do this:

• Surveys - You can simply ask what your prospective customers are looking for.

• Canvass your customers – Ask your present customers what they like about your product or service. Ask them what specific thing makes them keep coming back to you.

• Forums and Message Boards – Visit as many as you can every week. You’ll be able to tell fromrepparttar 108059 discussions what problems your market is confronting and how you can best offer solutions.

• Ezines and Newsletters – Read everything you can find that reflectsrepparttar 108060 thoughts and feelings of your market. The more you can learnrepparttar 108061 stronger you can make your sales copy.

Once you know what your prospective customers are looking for, you can write sales copy that targets their problems and offers them solutions. No matter how wonderful your product or service may be, if your sales copy doesn’t offer solutions it won’t be effective.

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