Ways That You Can Make Money From Your Online Business Model

Written by Evelyn

If you are convinced by now that you wish to do an online business and would like to find out which business models are available, this article is written specially for you.

The different avenues that you can make money are:

1. E-bay model Got junk or an interesting product to sell? No problem! Hop on to http://www.e-bay.com. There are millions and millions of visitors each day torepparttar site. Just create a free account and you are ready to start.

2. E-Affiliate/network marketing programs You earn a commission if you are successful in selling affiliate books, programs or network marketing programs. This business model has advantages in that you do not have to create your own product or write your own sales letter. You also get a replicated website as an affiliate. All you need to do is to actively refer your friends and marketrepparttar 136461 product or program.

Go to http://www.clickbank.com for an extensive range of affiliate programs that you can represent.

3. E-Shopping model In this model, you are interested to sell your goodies online. Here, your website will feature pictures and clear descriptions, shopping cart and a payment processor. However, if you are selling physical products, you have to be address issues like warehousing and delivery.

Onrepparttar 136462 other hand, there is no need to create a product yourself, if you do not have one onhand. Simply go to directories such as http://www.mydssd.com , http://ww.ownawebstore.com and http://www.bizwarehouse.com . These sites will even handlerepparttar 136463 shipping and delivery for you.

4. E-directory model Here you create a free directory of various resources and links. Your job is to drive traffic to this site. You make a revenue from businesses who wish to advertise on your website.

5. E-Create-a-product Model This can be inrepparttar 136464 form of either a digital book or software product. There are lots of advantages of doing an e-book. An e-book is low cost to produce as you just need to write it once and updaterepparttar 136465 contents as and when necessary. You also get to keep allrepparttar 136466 profits as there is no need to go through a publishing house

Out of Sight But Not Out of Mind

Written by Heidi Richards, MS

"Out of Sight, But Not Out of Mind"

What's black and white and read all over? A newsletter of course! And while there are perhaps hundreds of ways to market your business and increase your bottom line, one ofrepparttar single most effective tools in marketing is your own business-building newsletter.

The Power of Newsletters:

Newsletters showrepparttar 136321 customer you care - even when you can't be there. Newsletters answer basic wants and needs, which leads to word of mouth referrals and greater loyalty - something your competitors can't buy. Newsletters reinforce your message. Great newsletters get read and saved by decision makers. The more your readers see your name,repparttar 136322 more inclined they are to refer you, hire you, and buy from you. Great newsletters establish you as their personal expert, someone they trust. Great newsletters can make even a "small" company look big. It builds your image. Your newsletter can help "qualify" a prospect. They can read it and learn about your product and services, cutting their buying curve.

Before you begin your newsletter, decide...

The purpose or objective in publishing your newsletter. Is it to educate and improverepparttar 136323 personal and professional lives of your readers? Is it to market and position your company asrepparttar 136324 resource for answers to their problems? Who is your target audience? How often will you publish? A monthly newsletter keeps your company onrepparttar 136325 top of your customer's and prospect's minds. What type of newsletter is ideal for your readers? Paper publications have a longer life span; they create a strong impression inrepparttar 136326 customer's mind, however they are costly to produce. Ezines can use basicallyrepparttar 136327 same format, are easy to read and are convenient forrepparttar 136328 reader to reply to. The downside is that they can be deleted too quickly (even before it is ever read). And many ezines I've read are filled with self-promotion and are basically a waste of time.

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