Watering Your Orchids

Written by Bob Roy

Watering Your Orchids

Once you getrepparttar hang of it you will be a pro at watering. Most orchid plants are epiphytes (air plants) and we are used to watering plants in soil. Air plants have pseudo pods which take uprepparttar 113418 water and hold it forrepparttar 113419 plants to drink. The root system looks dry but may not be. If there is enough water you will noticerepparttar 113420 roots have plumb looking parts which arerepparttar 113421 pseudo pods.

Here are some guidelines that you can use for watering:

water more often if water less often if
there is more light the is less lights
temperatures are higher temperatures are lower
humidity is lower humidity is lower
there is more air movement less air movement
plant has thin leaves and growth plant has thick leaves and growth
it is mounted on a slab or in a basket it is in a pot

Over watering isrepparttar 113422 most common mistake of beginners. The plant shows water which may e coveringrepparttar 113423 root system. If this occurs it meansrepparttar 113424 roots are not gettingrepparttar 113425 oxygen it needs and may go on to die. You will also notice some ofrepparttar 113426 leaves may be turning yellow and drop off (also a sign of under watering). The pseudo pods will have furrows which runrepparttar 113427 length of them. The leaves will become thinner, won't fully expand and will wilt.


Written by Irvin L. Rozier

The rose flower has such a wonderful smell In this poem, a story I must tell Roses are red, yellow, pink and sometimes peach Many lessons of liferepparttar rosebush can teach

Look at all those shiny green leaves Watch out forrepparttar 113417 thorns, roll down your sleeves Spring, summer, fall and winter arerepparttar 113418 seasons The Master grewrepparttar 113419 rosebush for many reasons

He saidrepparttar 113420 rose can brighten my child's day Whenrepparttar 113421 skies are gloomy duringrepparttar 113422 month of May A sweet fragrance I'll makerepparttar 113423 rose exude The hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies I must include

They will enjoyrepparttar 113424 roses as they blossum 'Neathrepparttar 113425 rosebush, will be a bed for an opossum He must have a shelter fromrepparttar 113426 storms I send He can smellrepparttar 113427 roses untilrepparttar 113428 storms end

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