Water - A Life Essential

Written by Art Waters

The key to good hydration is drinking a lot of water before, during and after any workout or activity. Water is essential for proper bodily function. Sports drinks aren’trepparttar only way to consume electrolytes. Eating a normal diet will providerepparttar 150147 body with more than enough electrolytes needed for exercising and physical activity.

Energy drinks can be helpful to athletes who are exercising at a high intensity for 90 minutes or more. Fluids supplying 60 to 100 calories per 8 ounces helps to supplyrepparttar 150148 needed calories required for continuous performance. It's really not necessary to replace losses of sodium, potassium and other electrolytes during exercise since you're unlikely to deplete your body's stores of these minerals during normal training. If, however, you find yourself exercising in extreme conditions over 5 or 6 hours (an Ironman or ultramarathon, for example) you will need to add a complex energy drink with electrolytes.

Doesrepparttar 150149 average consumer derive any real benefit fromrepparttar 150150 sports drinks? It's a marketing gimmick, pure and simple. Most health experts agree that sports drinks have electrolytes and sodium that are beneficial to professional athletes and marathoners, but have little value torepparttar 150151 average user. There's a certain appeal in drinking what Olympic athletes drink, but it should be just water if you're doing 10 minutes on a treadmill. And because many enhanced waters contain only small amounts of essential nutrients, consumers should look elsewhere for nutrition. That's what we have food for!

Moderate weight loss can earn good health benefits

Written by Tom

Moderate weight loss can earn good health benefits

It is not compulsory to shed enormous weight for a good health gain. Moderate weight loss brings healthy news to your body. Even before you achieverepparttar set goal, you begin to reaprepparttar 150146 benefits.

If you are obese, try to loserepparttar 150147 first 10 kg and see how it positively affects your body and mind.


•20% fall in total mortality •30%fall in diabetes related deaths •40% fall in obesity related cancer deaths

Blood Pressure

•Fall of 10mm Hg systolic B.P. •Fall of 20mm Hg diastolic B.P.

Diabetes Mellitus

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