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Since water is plenty inrepparttar universe we don't seem to understandrepparttar 146874 value of that. It has got a tremendous power. Daily soon after getting up, if one drinks plenty of water most ofrepparttar 146875 diseases will vanish. It is better to drink water instead of cool drinks. Nowadays water is being polluted a lot. So one should take care to drink pure water by boiling it. Chilled water will create adverse and harmful effects. By heatingrepparttar 146876 water we can killrepparttar 146877 bacteria, virus etc., so always it is preferable to drink hot water.

People when they are out inrepparttar 146878 hot sun, they prefer drinking chilled water during thirst. They never know how harmful it is. Inrepparttar 146879 later stage they might face many problems such as tonsillitis, fever, throat infection, ear problems, Cancer, gum damage, tooth loss and many more. It is a wrong notion that only when we are thirsty we should drink water. We should keep a jar full of water near us, so that we will drink very often. It is good for dehydration.

Water plays major role in maintaining

The diet that worked for me

Written by S D Hill

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The diet that worked for me

I have had a lot of issues and problems with my weight. It has had a major effect on my life, it knocked my confidence and I had an all round low self-esteem.

A couple of years ago I decided to do something about it, to try to lose some of my excess fat. I had heard of many different types of diet; most of which I felt were not suitable for me and even sounded disgusting.

I decided on self-help, doing it my way. I knew that exercise would need to be a factor, however was not willing to join a gym. Gyms seem full of people who are already thin! I started to walk a lot more instead of driving everywhere, and started to play tennis again, even though I must admit am pretty rubbish it. I am not exactlyrepparttar most athletic person and this basically was allrepparttar 146810 exercise I did.

The main reason I was overweight was because of my poor diet. I like to eatrepparttar 146811 types of food you are told not to. I love pizzas, a curry, chips, peanuts and especially alcohol. Most people I knew would tell me to cut out all of these from my diet completely- get real! Sorry, thatís not possible, I enjoy them too much.

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