Warping Time: The Psychic How-To Guide

Written by Dale Power

These techniques came about serendipitously during teleportation experiments that ran from September to November 2004. Whilerepparttar teleportation experiments met with very limited success when it came to actually moving through space physically, there were some very interesting effects related to experimental procedure.

The first indication that something might be happening was a clock, sitting about five feet fromrepparttar 122113 experimental platform (That is,repparttar 122114 sofa I was sitting onÖ) that stopped duringrepparttar 122115 second experiment. It started again on itís own after five hours, and within 12 hours had caught up torepparttar 122116 correct time.

Atrepparttar 122117 time it was written off as faulty batteries and new ones put inrepparttar 122118 clockrepparttar 122119 next day.

Duringrepparttar 122120 third experimentrepparttar 122121 clock slowed by seven minutes. This slow-down happened only duringrepparttar 122122 teleportation attempt. Again it corrected itself byrepparttar 122123 next morning. Even though watched,repparttar 122124 clock showed anomalous effects only duringrepparttar 122125 procedure.

To testrepparttar 122126 nature of this effect I placed a small digital clock on my person, sat next torepparttar 122127 wall clock that had been showing irregular effects in approximatelyrepparttar 122128 same position as before, and placed a third clock atrepparttar 122129 far wall of another room.

I attempted to teleport as before. The two clocks closest to me had a variance of twenty minutes and thirty seconds fromrepparttar 122130 control clock inrepparttar 122131 other room. When I checked with several outside clocksrepparttar 122132 variance ofrepparttar 122133 control clock that was inrepparttar 122134 building was less than one minute.

This happened at some approximate level during each teleportation experiment that was checked for differences in time.

Things that I noticed during these episodes:

*The variance in time was directly proportional to my own perception of meditative state. The deeper I went,repparttar 122135 more time skewed.

*Time effects went away when I focused my mind on non-space warping topics, with one exception, regardless of mental state. That exception was, naturally, when I focused on time itself, rather than space.

*If I allowed myself to dwell on time rather than space, I could directrepparttar 122136 warping of time to move more slowly or more quickly in my local area, out to about seven feet from my body. The area of effect fell off greatly after that until about eighteen feet awayrepparttar 122137 effects faded to a level that could not be determined withrepparttar 122138 equipment at hand.

*Time seems to have an elastic quality that causes it to catch-up or wait forrepparttar 122139 rest of local time. In other words, if you bend it, it will snap back into place. The effects of these experiments seem, by and large, temporary.

From this I learned to bend time. During further experiments I learned that for some reason it is far simpler to warp time while moving in space. Now before anyone runs out and buys a space ship, I am talking about travel in planes and automobiles, not some interstellar expedition. While this effect may work well under those conditions as well, I have not hadrepparttar 122140 opportunity to try at this point.

I mention this not because it is needed forrepparttar 122141 effect to be used, but rather, because this effect isrepparttar 122142 only real use I have found for this particular skill. Getting places faster by changing local time coordinates. The idea is tricky to hold in your mind, but works very well, when you getrepparttar 122143 hang of it.. I have successfully altered time withrepparttar 122144 following technique by twenty minutes faster and slower subjective time as opposed to external time. I would recommend testing it with clocks of differing sorts, to prevent simple psychokinetic effect on a given kind of clock from skewing your data, placed at various distances from your body. This will give you feedback as torepparttar 122145 level of your success.

This technique is really very easy to understand. What is important is holding to very good fundamentals. The depth of your mental state is very important to good results for instance. You will also greatly increase your effects by holding a very clear concept, a raw subconscious idea, of what you wish to happen.

Psychic Healing: Weight Loss Techniques

Written by Dale Power

There is no magic bullet that will make you lose weight without trying. No special diet that lets you eat a huge amount of food and drop pounds fast. No ab-machine or exer-cycle that you see at three fifteen inrepparttar morning on an infomercial is really going to make that much difference to you.

We all knowrepparttar 122112 secret to losing weight, right? Eat right, exercise more and keep a positive attitude. Yes, we all know that. If you ever had a weight problem though, you know itís not really that simple. Eating right is difficult when your facing constant hunger, when every food that is good for you tastes horrible and you are racing full speed ahead fromrepparttar 122113 moment you wake up until you hop into bed at night making fast food very tempting. Exercise is time consuming and difficult, sometimes it can even be downright painful! As for that positive attitude, well thatís relatively easy. Once you get pastrepparttar 122114 hunger pangs andrepparttar 122115 sore muscles,repparttar 122116 fact that you have not eaten anything that you like in a week and a half and have worn blisters, in places better not mentioned, on that bicycle seat. After that staying positive is a piece of cake.

Well, no, I guess it really isnít.

Overlooked inrepparttar 122117 standard equation though,repparttar 122118 eat less and exercise more truism, isrepparttar 122119 fact that we are not only physical beings but psychic ones as well.

There are too many techniques to go over all of them here, it could literally fill a book, perhaps someday it will. Right now though action needs to be taken. Americans are gaining weight at an alarming rate. From our eldest people to our youngest, we are plumping up at levels never seen before.

We need to address three main areas if we wish to bring about long term weight-loss. The mental, emotional and physiological aspects.

This could be a road just as hard asrepparttar 122120 strictest diet and as painful as running a marathon. It could be, but Itís not. Using a few simple techniques, you can bolster your self-discipline, your metabolic rate and your positive feelings about losing weight. You can also relieve hunger pains and feelings of angst over your current weight.

You can do these yourself, or have a friend or professional help you with them, so donít be worried that you might not have never tried anything like this before!

Here are some basic techniques you can use to aid in losing weight. While simple they are very powerful. You still have to diet and exercise, these methods will make that easier to do though.

*Start by calming yourself and quieting your mind. Just take a minute to not worry about anything, relax and let go of any distractions.

*Holdrepparttar 122121 idea in your mind that you are already thin. I know that this seems strange, but if you want to lose weight it helps to convince yourself that it is possible. If your mind rebels and tries to tell you something different just replacerepparttar 122122 thought withrepparttar 122123 idea you are thin and healthy and donít worry about it. It will take a bit of time to train your subconscious mind how to be thin. Spend a few minutes just ďknowingĒ that you are slim and trim. You donít even have to visualize it. In fact, to your deeper self it is more helpful if you donít visualize it.

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