Warning! Your Domain Name Could Infringe On Trademark Rights!

Written by Al Martinovic

If you have or are about to purchase a domain name, YOU could be in trouble and you don't even know it yet...

See, whatrepparttar domain sellers won't tell you is thatrepparttar 108292 domain name you are purchasing or have purchased can possibly infringe on trademark rights and you can lose that domain name or even worse.

Trademark and servicemark laws apply not only off-line but on-line as well and they even apply to domain names.

Now, a trademark generally applies to goods where as a servicemark applies to services. Forrepparttar 108293 purpose of this article I will refer to trademarks asrepparttar 108294 same rules apply.

A trademark can be a word, name, symbol, or device and it is used to distinguish and indentifyrepparttar 108295 goods and services from one person or company from that of another.

The purpose of a trademark is to prevent confusion inrepparttar 108296 eyes ofrepparttar 108297 consumer relating to particular goods and services. Basically, they are in place to prevent unfair competition.

So with that said, just because you purchased a particular domain name it does not necessarily mean you have exclusive rights to it.

If there is a trademark in your domain name,repparttar 108298 mark owner has a legal right to send you a "cease and desist" letter and possibly take that domain name away from you.

If you don't believe a word I've said so far then I offer myself as proof because it happened to me. I recently lost one of my domain names under this exact same circumstance.

For legal reasons I can't tell yourepparttar 108299 domain name as I agreed to make no further references to it, but there were two words in my domain name that were associated with a trademark.

Now, I wasn't aware of this when I purchasedrepparttar 108300 domain name. And I definitely wasn't aware of trademark laws.

Los Angeles - the first metropole with its own domain

Written by Hans-Peter Oswald

Cologne, October 10. ICANN Registrar Secura announces today, that it is accepting registrations of la-domains (https://www.domainregistry.de/la-domains.html).

Los Angeles has a new honor to celebrate - becomingrepparttar world's first city to have its own unique internet address .la

Offeringrepparttar 108291 same functionality as a .com address and sanctioned byrepparttar 108292 Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN),repparttar 108293 internet's de facto governing body, .la addresses will be available to all Los Angeles residents and businesses.

Well known brand names such as www.yahoo.la and www.rolex.la and in this City of Stars many personal names like www.madonna.la and www.arnie.la are already registered. Independent forecasts suggest up to one million .la names will be registered overrepparttar 108294 coming years, as L.A. has over 300,000 registered businesses and 10 million citizens. Plus, there are many millions more worldwide who identify withrepparttar 108295 LA and Hollywood lifestyle.

The Guernsey-based LA Names Corporation (LA Names) has recently assumed responsibility asrepparttar 108296 operator of .la in a long-term deal with LANIC, a department ofrepparttar 108297 Government ofrepparttar 108298 Lao PDR, who were originally assignedrepparttar 108299 name by ICANN.

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