Warning! “Ipecac Syrup” can cause death when it used for weight loss!

Written by Mahesh Bhat

Warning! “Ipecac Syrup” can cause death when it used for weight loss!

What a shame to weight loss gurus and guides. How can a weight loss guru recommend “Ipecac Syrup” to loose weight? Misuse of “Ipecac syrup” caused a death recently.

Some eating disordered individuals participate inrepparttar dangerous activity of using ipecac syrup as a means of purging. Ipecac syrup is a plant extract fromrepparttar 131441 ipecacuanha scrub found in Brazil. When ingested, Ipecac syrup stimulatesrepparttar 131442 central nervous system andrepparttar 131443 stomach, causingrepparttar 131444 person to vomit. Ipecac’s sole purpose is to facilitate vomiting in an individual who has ingested poison or overdosed on medication. The use of Ipecac is for a single use, andrepparttar 131445 intent is for Ipecac syrup to never to be used on multiple occasions.

Since it cause “Vomiting” some Weight Loss guru though it can help to lose weight by means of burningrepparttar 131446 fat. Burningrepparttar 131447 fat by means of vomiting! I don’t knowrepparttar 131448 logic. Anyway “Ipecac Syrup” was recommended to loose weight. A over weight patient misused it. That cased death!

You can buy “Ipecac Syrup” from any ofrepparttar 131449 Pharmaceutical stores without prescription. Syrup of Ipecac is for emergency use in poisoning. When it is given to a child or an adult, Ipecac syrup will cause vomiting.

Why Use Syrup of Ipecac?

The treatment for many poisonings requires removal ofrepparttar 131450 toxic substance fromrepparttar 131451 stomach before absorption occurs. IPECAC SYRUP is safer than many other home methods for removing these toxic substances. Sticking you finger down a child’s throat or using salt water are not as effective and can be dangerous torepparttar 131452 victim.

What is Syrup of Ipecac? Ipecac Syrup is a plant extract made into a syrup that when swallowed, irritatesrepparttar 131453 stomach. It is an emetic made fromrepparttar 131454 dried root of a plant called ipecacuanha, which is grown in Brazil. An emetic is an agent that causes vomiting.

Who Can Use It?

IPECAC SYRUP can be used effectively with adults or children. Ipecac syrup should not be used if- •the child is under one year old; •the person is very drowsy, unconscious, or having fits; •the child has an unrepaired mouth defect; •the person has a heart condition; •the woman is in her last trimester of pregnancy.

From now on, Europe focuses on dieting pills

Written by Dana Scripca

A state of emergency has been recently put on European Union agenda. Inrepparttar next ten years, European countries will be "on diet". The EU countries have to manage an alarming situation: high rate of obesity and overweight. It seems that all America's weight-loss problems along with diets and any kind of dieting pills crossedrepparttar 131436 Ocean. European countries borrowed bad habits from Americans

Along with foods, Americans have broughtrepparttar 131437 whole picture torepparttar 131438 "Old continent": fad diets and related-weigh loss problems, dieting pills and dietary supplements. According to International Obesity Task Force,repparttar 131439 prevalence of obesity has grown by up by 10 to 40 percent in most European countries from 1993 to 2003. It is an alarming statement. 30% of people living inrepparttar 131440 European Union are overweight and more than one in ten is now obese, according to EASO. Not surprisingly, a war against obesity has started recently. European officials are worried specifically about childhood obesity since children with "weight problems" are three to five times more likely to suffer a heart attack or even stroke beforerepparttar 131441 age of 65. Although this problem is not as urgent asrepparttar 131442 American issue,repparttar 131443 forecasts are ruthless. The battle against obesity

When overweight and obesity are onrepparttar 131444 agenda,

* fast food and modern unhealthy eating habits (too many sweets and refined foods) * a sedentary lifestyle

are often quoted. Officials ofrepparttar 131445 European Union are worried because obesity brings along related problems such as diabetes, stroke and heart disease. Unfortunately,70.000 cases are added each year, while heart disorders are alreadyrepparttar 131446 leading cause of death inrepparttar 131447 European Union: half of all deaths are caused by heart disease.

Sincerepparttar 131448 issue became so urgent,repparttar 131449 EU was prompted to apply a "fight-plan" against obesity forrepparttar 131450 next ten years. Experts have decided inrepparttar 131451 recent European Congress of Obesity thatrepparttar 131452 new fight-front should proceed on four major ways:

1. governments 2. NGOs 3. food industry 4. consumers themselves.

Additionally, two pathways can be involved in this effort:

* television * computer industry.

They are to induce and educate nationwide a well-balanced eating regimen and promote physical activity and regular exercise (schools included). A direct and sharp link torepparttar 131453 new way of eating (fast food, biscuits, high carbohydrate foods, fatty products) hasn't been established precisely. It is argued though that giving up old healthy habits proved a significant overweight factor. Thus, obesity has been declared "public enemy number one" inrepparttar 131454 European Union. Portugal case study

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