War of the P Acnes

Written by Naweko San-Joyz

While “War ofrepparttar Worlds” sets a new sales record for Paramount, this Hollywood blockbuster sends a healing message as old as time itself- bacteria are lifesavers.

Even though most microorganisms are invisible torepparttar 147179 human eye, life, as we know it would be utterly impossible without ubiquitous bacteria. We can all enjoyrepparttar 147180 blessings of photosynthesis, digestion andrepparttar 147181 formation of natural gases thanks torepparttar 147182 innate power of bacteria to break down substances.

Ironically, much ofrepparttar 147183 anti-acne industry is built around destroyingrepparttar 147184 widely misunderstood yet biologically necessary bacteria known as Propionibacterium acnes, or p acne bacteria.

All life forms strategize to survive and procreate. Weeds, worms, birds, fungi and bacteria all work to sustain their own lives on this planet. In fact, we humans survive because ofrepparttar 147185 biological games constantly unfolding in our mist.

P acne bacteria are no different. They want and need to survive. Skin bacteria perform an important function. Bacteria userepparttar 147186 secretions of our sweat and sebaceous glands (sebum isrepparttar 147187 oil that makes our skin look shiny) as nutrients. P acnes that are in balance with your body prevent colonization by more harmful bacteria.

P acne bacteria only encourage acne formations ifrepparttar 147188 production of oil onrepparttar 147189 face is excessive. This surplus of oil of prompted by hormonal, nutritional, environmental and/or psychological changes inrepparttar 147190 body. So to prevent acne, you do not what to kill bacteria per se, but keeprepparttar 147191 amount of bacteria on your skin at an optimal balance.

Personal care products can lead to Cancer

Written by Anita Cherry

Our skin is a two way membrane. During perspiration toxins are eliminated from our body through it. Recently scientists have found that some chemicals when applied torepparttar skin can penetraterepparttar 147146 body and be absorbed byrepparttar 147147 body in significant amounts. Many personal care products contain chemicals which are considered hazardous by EPA. National Institute of Occupational safety and health found 884 chemicals used in personal care products and cosmetics are known to be toxins. The numbers of products used by adults and children that contain potent carcinogens are very high. It was reported recently that 500 dangerous chemicals have been found on a single fat cell in a healthy looking British woman. Another report was of 350 man made chemicals and residues used in personal care products found in breast milk.

Ammonia derivative DEA-Diethanolamine,TEA- Triethanolamine and MEA-Monoethanolamine when combined with products containing preservative nitrates form notrosamines which are carcinogenic. FDA urgedrepparttar 147148 companies to remove them from shelves but even now almost 37% if products tested contained nitrosamines.

If Alcohol content in mouthwash rises to more than 25% it is known to cause mouth, tongue and throat ulcer.

FD&C or D&C color pigments are from coal tar and are carcinogenic.

Mineral oil made from petroleum ingredient found in baby oil and skin care can hinder skin respiration and can age skin prematurely. Baby oil is almost 100% mineral oil.

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