War in Iraq, Not Sunday School

Written by Gary Revel

What a surprise, war in Iraq is nothing likerepparttar stories we heard in Sunday school about turningrepparttar 125451 other cheek and winning our enemies over with love. For those of us who went to Sunday School and then later faced death inrepparttar 125452 fight for freedom so other children could continue to go to Sunday schoolrepparttar 125453 recent photos of Iraqi prisoners being hazed by MP's is not news. Much worse than whatrepparttar 125454 photographs show has been going on for centuries and whatever happens because ofrepparttar 125455 exposure ofrepparttar 125456 photographs will not prevent it from continuing.

Why? Because war is hostility between two groups of people. Hostilities that are vicious, deadly, irreverent, and atrepparttar 125457 point of conflict resist conformity to rules of ethical conduct. Only those who don't knowrepparttar 125458 reality of war can believe there is a civilized way to win at war.

War is not civilized behavior. It is really based onrepparttar 125459 survival ofrepparttar 125460 fittest rule. The strongest, most intelligent, and sometimesrepparttar 125461 shrewdest may win. Contrary to one presidential candidate's opinion respect doesn't win war. If we had waited forrepparttar 125462 Japanese to respect us during World War II we would all be speaking Japanese today. We didn't win that war by getting their respect we won byrepparttar 125463 brute force of atomic bombs that destroyed cities and killed hundreds of thousands of people.

Top Ten Telephone Tips

Written by David McDonough

KNOW THY TELECOM SELF Understand your own telephone calling patterns. Do you make most of your telephone calls duringrepparttar day, night, or on weekends? If you don't make frequent residential long distance telephone calls, perhaps a long distance telephone dial-around service ("10-10") isrepparttar 125450 right plan for you or a plan with no monthly minimum fees.

YOU WON'T KNOW UNTIL YOU ASK Ask your long distance telephone provider about any promotions they might be running. You can even ask other long distance telephone companies about any switching benefits they might be offering.

READ THE FINE PRINT Phone companies each have different restrictions and offerings. Make sure you readrepparttar 125451 fine print.

BEWARE OF ADDITIONAL CHARGES Ask if there are monthly, minimum or per-call fees in addition torepparttar 125452 per minute rates. For example, if a dial-around service charges a $5 monthly fee and you make only one 10 minute call that month, then you pay an extra 50 cents a minute for that call.

BE CAREFUL OF COMPARISON RATES IN ADVERTISEMENTS Consumers should be careful about comparison rates in advertisements, such as 50% off of a telephone carrier's "basic" rates, because such "basic" telephone rates are often notrepparttar 125453 lowest telphone rates available.

CHECK OUT THE PHONE COMPANIES' WEB SITES Their sites should have specific information on their rates and calling plans.

TIE-INS AND OTHER DISCOUNTS Ask your long distance telephone carrier about mileage tie-ins that they may offer. Many companies now offer miles per dollar spent on your residential long distance telephone bill. Your long distance telephone minutes can add up to a free trip! Also, some phone carriers provide discounts if you have your long distance telephone charges billed to your credit card.

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