War Declared On Instant Messenger: How to Stop Your Child from Wasting Their Life Away Online

Written by Christopher Pizzo M.Ed.

Hey Parents! I hate to tell you, but there is no such thing as “useful instant messaging”. Your crafty child might try to take advantage of your lack of “Techie” know how when they say in that whiney voice... “But Mom I’m IMing my friends about homework.” Don’t buy it! They are simply playing uprepparttar school is important bit so they can get you off their back.

To be fair, yes kids might spend a couple minutes discussing their school assignments. But for every 30 seconds of actual work, another 30 minutes are lost in useless chatter withrepparttar 109394 hundred or so “friends” on their buddy list! And if your child consistently pullsrepparttar 109395 “I didn’t knowrepparttar 109396 assignment” excuse, then bigger school problems than instant messaging are onrepparttar 109397 horizon.

You can easily stoprepparttar 109398 hours upon hours of instant messaging with one simple gesture… PULL THE PLUG! Now, I don’t really mean to literally pullrepparttar 109399 plug out ofrepparttar 109400 computer on your child. The last thing we want to do is get into a power struggle with your child, or break your $1500 computer.

No, what I mean is simply lay downrepparttar 109401 law. Allocate a specific period of instant messaging time per day. One hour of IMing is not going to kill anyone or their social life. And in that one hour time slot they will have plenty of time to discuss homework, their teacher,repparttar 109402 new kid in class, or whatever.

Right now you might be saying, “That sounds great Chris, but what happens when my kid refuses to adhere torepparttar 109403 allotted time?” When your child disregards your house rules it simply means they have too much free time on their hands. We all know that idleness isrepparttar 109404 devil’s playground. It might be time to up their chore responsibilities. Or sign them up for an after school art class or even a sport or karate. Sometimesrepparttar 109405 best answer is to simply spend some quality time with them. Set up a time each day to play scrabble, take a walk or cook something together. It really doesn’t matter what it is, just play to your kids interests and keep them busy.

ORHAN ARI -a School Teacher's Mark on Educational History, Teaching, Social Culture

Written by eao uk

Orhan Seyfi Ari An Idealist and Visionary (1918-1992)

“A luminary to so many teachers” (Editorial in ‘Halkin Sesi’ of 27 December 1992)

Of those who wrote about him in English/American, in Turkish, in Greek –book-magazine-newspaper articles and officially and privately (in England, Cyprus, Australia).. to a poet he was a star –in his poem, to a columnist an eminent school, to an author a remarkable man, to an editor a defender of liberties, to a writer an honour to have known, and to a researcher ‘Such nice things I have heard about him!’...

Torepparttar Secretary of State for Education he was ‘the teacher of teachers’ –inscribed on his tomb, a university professor’s condolences from Turkey were to his nation –who in his honour named a street after him.

Orhan Ari was born in Lapithiou -Paphos, in the, atrepparttar 109393 time, British colony of Cyprus.. after completing his secondary and high-school education in Nicosia, and upon qualifying through Morphou Teachers Training College, he also studied agriculture…

With a keen interest in his continuing professional development through courses and seminars, and as torepparttar 109394 rest mostly self-educated, he has left his unmistakeable mark inrepparttar 109395 educational, cultural, ethical, social, progress and development of Cyprus.

He had been a secondary school teacher, a head teacher, a lecturer; an occasional columnist, in his personal circle of friends also a debater, mystic, poet.. in retirement he was invited overseas to inspect schools, and to give talks to cultural organisations…

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