Wanted! Desperate Online Desperados

Written by Donna Monday

“Okay, you desperate online desperado. I need you to give yourself up or turn around and head forrepparttar next web site. We don’t like your kind and we don’t want you spreadin your desperation around here.”

If there were such a thing as an Internet Sheriff, you can imagine he might say something likerepparttar 145351 above.

In some waysrepparttar 145352 Internet is likerepparttar 145353 Old West gold rush. People come online everyday searching for that elusive gold strike that will make them rich overnight and solve all their problems.

Many of these people are Desperate Online Desperados.

What’re some ofrepparttar 145354 characteristics of a Desperate Online Desperado?

- A desperate need for quick money (maybe for an emergency) - A desperate need to pay off bills - A desperate need for money to buy something of value - A desperate need for a change of lifestyle

Desperate Online Desperados are more of a danger to themselves than to others, but a crowd of them can createrepparttar 145355 illusion that a stinker of an opportunity is a mine filled with gold.

Many Desperate Online Desperados buy into online business opportunities, pyramid schemes, MLM programs, etc. that are pure rip-offs and losers.

They don’t bother investigating or researching these opportunities before plunging in headfirst.

Some of these opportunities will be free to join, but they will always find a way to get your money.

The creators of these programs know thatrepparttar 145356 desperados will sign up for them hoping to get rich quick, so whenrepparttar 145357 program makesrepparttar 145358 money pitch, many desperados will surrender their money without hesitation.

Now, maybe each individual desperado isn’t putting out that much money, but a whole bunch of desperado dollars bundled together can add up to a nice chunk of change – forrepparttar 145359 people atrepparttar 145360 top, that is.

Most Desperate Online Desperados walk away with crushed hopes and empty pockets. But they’re still desperate to make money, so they’re ready to buy intorepparttar 145361 next golden scheme that comes along.

Is Your Niche Site A Real Lemon?

Written by Donna Monday

By now many of you have heard aboutrepparttar advantages of building niche web sites to promoterepparttar 145350 selling of products and services online. Indeed, building a targeted niche site is a very smart idea.

Because ofrepparttar 145351 huge amount of competition from larger company sites and thousands of smaller competitors, building general mall type sites or “catch all” sites is a waste of time. It will be extremely difficult to get even one visitor to your site if you’re trying to reach everybody.

Therefore, some smart Internet savvy marketers figured out that if they picked a niche area and focused only on that niche, then they have a much better chance of finding targeted visitors looking for very specific information on products and services.

But figuring out what a niche is and exactly how to go about promoting that niche is very puzzling to a lot of people looking to userepparttar 145352 Internet to grow rich, or at least make a comfortable living. Yes, you can make serious money onrepparttar 145353 Internet with a niche site.

First, though, you’ve got to find a good niche.

Well, I’ve foundrepparttar 145354 perfect example of a niche web site that is attractive, informational, and shows a real love for it’s subject. Would you believe that a love of lemons could grow into a moneymaking niche site?

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