Want to start a publishing revolution?

Written by Martin Day

Want to start a publishing revolution?

Calling all publishers, editors, journalists and freelance writers. It's time to breathe more life into your copy. Turn your articles into living pieces that spark measurable debate, get closer to your readers and engage their mind and soul - we're talking revolution.

As it was inrepparttar beginning

Publishers have for many years relied on letters to get feedback from their readers and although email has opened up this method of communication it is still time consuming and difficult to process with only a fraction ofrepparttar 124189 received correspondence ever being used.

Let's face it, as well as being an overhead forrepparttar 124190 publisher, to most people it is an unrewarding medium in terms of effort required and response received, just think ofrepparttar 124191 number of letters that go unpublished and unread.

As it is now

The Internet has brought new channels of communication and has opened up opportunities that allow us to challenge traditional methods. The Internet is now a mature technology, no longerrepparttar 124192 preserve ofrepparttar 124193 new fad brigade but a technology that has been embraced by a global population, young and old alike and it allows us now to re-evaluaterepparttar 124194 way things are done. Newspapers, trade journals, magazines and ezines now haverepparttar 124195 opportunity to changerepparttar 124196 mental process.

When people read an article they often would like to comment, and historically this has required them to feel strongly enough to put pen to paper; or withrepparttar 124197 creation ofrepparttar 124198 Internet send an email. Sure emails are easier but it still takes time to craft an email and time forrepparttar 124199 majority, is what they haven't got. The letters page although interesting are at best a snapshot of comments; a well crafted and well written letter on any given subject may holdrepparttar 124200 view ofrepparttar 124201 majority, orrepparttar 124202 minority, as it is a free text medium and difficult to measure.

As it should be

Now considerrepparttar 124203 advantages of linking articles to online surveys where as a publisher you will haverepparttar 124204 ability to obtain valuable feedback from your readers and in a form that can be easily measured. Just as important as you communicating with your readers is giving your readers a way to communicate with you where they know it will count.

Ramp up your newsletter to build a strong business

Written by Barbara Saunders, Newsletter Associates

Ramp up your newsletter to build a strong business To survive in business, you've got to focus your attention onrepparttar areas that will guarantee you success. Your clients are your greatest asset. Takingrepparttar 124188 time to educate them and connect with them will pay big dividends overrepparttar 124189 long haul. There are lots of ways to spend your marketing dollars. But I've found thatrepparttar 124190 number one most effective marketing tool around is a newsletter. This isrepparttar 124191 perfect time of year to fine tune - or develop - yours.

Hey! It's good news! What sets your newsletter apart from allrepparttar 124192 other stuff that comes across your clients threshold everyday is that a newsletter is perceived as good news. Think about it,repparttar 124193 stuff inrepparttar 124194 newspaper is general pretty dismal. The rest ofrepparttar 124195 stuff inrepparttar 124196 mail is either advertisements or bills. Take advantage of that perception of your newsletter being something good.

Please don't insult your clients' intelligence by cloaking a hard sell as a newsletter. Marketing surveys acrossrepparttar 124197 country have shown that newsletters are very well-received andrepparttar 124198 best way to stay in touch with your clientele. Make your message, and your practice, stand aboverepparttar 124199 rest by making each issue interesting and informative.

More education equals more work for you Your clients probably have very little idea what all you do. Your newsletter isrepparttar 124200 perfect forum to raise their understanding and appreciation ofrepparttar 124201 advantages of your services. By just elevating their awareness ofrepparttar 124202 scope of your expertise, your layingrepparttar 124203 ground work for future business.

There's another added benefit that bares mentioning. When your clients know more about what you do, they talk about it to their friends. A personal referral is ten times more valuable than someone that responds to an ad. They're already prescreened and warmed up for you.The other plus of this educational approach to your newsletter is that it reminds your clients that they need your services. With so many distractions in our world today, things that are important tend to slip intorepparttar 124204 background. Each issue you send gently reminds them ofrepparttar 124205 importance of your services

.Just because I said that you shouldn't use your newsletter for a hard sell doesn't mean that you shouldn't use it for promoting gift certificates or special offers or rewards for referring new business. It'srepparttar 124206 perfect place to unveil new services.

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