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Written by Julia Hyde

The radio commercial is often overlooked by businesses trying to sell their products or services, both locally and globally. The reason: a radio commercial is thought to be expensive and difficult to produce. This is simply not true. Dollar for dollar radio advertising has to be one ofrepparttar greatest advertising bargains available today. In fact, advertising onrepparttar 138401 radio can cost less than it does to place print ads in newspapers and magazines. And unlike print ads, which can take months to get torepparttar 138402 production stage, a radio commercial can be made in less than a day, and be onrepparttar 138403 air immediately. In addition radio advertising gives you a stunning opportunity to reach thousands of potential customers. And allows you to let your creativity run wild.

Considerrepparttar 138404 following:

~ Your commercial can be set in any time period;repparttar 138405 past, future or present

~ You can setrepparttar 138406 scene in Africa,repparttar 138407 Arctic, Russia orrepparttar 138408 deserts of Saudi Arabia

~ You can drop your listeners on a desert island,repparttar 138409 mountains of Switzerland, inrepparttar 138410 supermarket or take them on a wild and dangerous adventure.

Many radio commercials are made byrepparttar 138411 radio stations, but if you want to keep your costs down, and have some fun intorepparttar 138412 bargain, thereís no reason why you canít write and even produce your own. All you need is about one hour of studio time, two or three out-of-work actors, a producer, and some pre-recorded sound effects.

But before you get carried away remember that like any other advertising medium radio advertising has three jobs to do: getrepparttar 138413 listenerís attention, create a desire, and encourage him or her to act.

1. The informational commercial. There are times when it makes sense to use a factual commercial. For example, if thereís an event you want to promote. In this instance,repparttar 138414 commercial should deal with facts; whatrepparttar 138415 event is, where it is, and when. That doesnít mean to say you have to create a list of facts and read it out on air. You can still weave a story or plot aroundrepparttar 138416 facts to makerepparttar 138417 commercial more interesting. But beware: thereís a tendency for radio commercial producers to browbeat their audience by hiring over-enthusiastic local celebrities or radio presenters to provide voice-overs. For general audiences, cajoling them gently works much better. Try adding another voice and a plot to make your commercial stand out fromrepparttar 138418 rest.

2. The dialogue commercial. A dialogue commercial revolves around a conversation between two or more people. Either (a)repparttar 138419 announcer and others, or (b) two or more characters without an announcer. The dialogue commercial can cause problems forrepparttar 138420 inexperienced producer, especially if you decide to use company employees rather than professional actors. And, even if you do employ professional actors your commercial can still lack credibility. Letís face it, how many times a day do you spend 60 seconds discussing a product or service with someone else? There are ways round this but generally speaking, it may be better to leaverepparttar 138421 dialogue commercial torepparttar 138422 experts.

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