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Licensing 101

Written by John Calder

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As a marketer, you are no doubt familiar withrepparttar concept of reprint rights and resale rights. Perhaps you seekrepparttar 108364 dream scenario of acquiring exclusive rights to a hot niche product. Yet, you come up against an obstacle: no one has created a product in your niche!

Is there a way around this? Yes, and it comes down to re-examining where you source your content. When you fail to find a quality, resalable, digital product amongrepparttar 108365 "reprint rights craze" crowd, it's time to head back torepparttar 108366 pioneers of content licensing. In other words, head straight to traditional book publishers.

Licensing 101

Licensing through traditional publishers appears daunting at first glance. Yet,repparttar 108367 process is quite simple when you understand:

Types of rights available What to look for Who to talk to

Available Rights

Publishing rights fall within two very broad categories: Primary rights and Subsidiary rights. Primary rights, quite simply, describe all ofrepparttar 108368 publisherís intended uses of a given work. Subsidiary rights describe those uses left torepparttar 108369 original author.

How these rights are assigned depends onrepparttar 108370 publishing agreement. Authors typically grant to their publisher: hardcover rights, paperback rights and translation rights. They may retain electronic reprint rights and book club rights, but this is not alwaysrepparttar 108371 case. Again, it depends on bothrepparttar 108372 publisher and authorís intended distribution ofrepparttar 108373 work. There may or may not be third-party licensing options available.

What to Look For

As an information marketer, you want to find a work available for third-party licensing. Specifically, you should look for subsidiary electronic reprint rights. Start with small, specialized publishers first. Youíll face less bureaucracy and youíre also much more likely to acquire contact withrepparttar 108374 original author for direct negotiation.

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