Want to be a better parent?

Written by Kenia Morales

Unlike popular credence people do not gain parenting skills immediately after their children are born. Most parents are usually clueless when it comes to raising their children at any stage. But, all parents have one thing in common. We wantrepparttar best for our children and luckily there are many resources that can guide us torepparttar 143020 right direction.

Read non-fictional books. Most parenting related books are for specific developmental stages for example babies, toddlers, school age, and teenagers. They will tell you what to expect at a certain age, and how to handle some ofrepparttar 143021 issues.

Ask experts for advice. Luckily for us experts are everywhere they can be doctors, day care providers, teachers, counselors etc. Another way to contact them is by writing to their question and answer columns online, newspaper, magazines, radio stations etc.

Honoring our Fathers

Written by Peggy Porter

This weekend as we celebrate Father’s Day, take an opportunity to express gratitude forrepparttar many wonderful fathers we see giving their love, support and guidance to our children on a daily basis.

Personally, in my own life, I am surrounded by them. From my own father, to my father-in-law, my husband andrepparttar 142957 many friends I am blessed to have. I see them atrepparttar 142958 supermarket, holding their child while attempting to shop; onrepparttar 142959 street riding their bikes, with their children cautiously proceeding ahead; atrepparttar 142960 gymnasium, proudly watching their daughter attempt her first cartwheel and at church gently kissing their son onrepparttar 142961 cheek.

Although mothers have typically beenrepparttar 142962 nurturer in our society, fathers have a huge impact onrepparttar 142963 raising and development of our children. . A son will learn first hand from his fatherrepparttar 142964 balance between toughness and tenderness. Daughters look to their fathers for guidance and example on how to be treated byrepparttar 142965 men they will have in their lives. Fathers are there to give support and protect their most prized possession…family. Inrepparttar 142966 book, The Wonder Of Fathers, author C.R. Gibson writes…He goes by many names. He serves many roles. He’s a shoulder to cry on, to lean on, and to climb on. He can be quiet, boisterous, athletic, or scholarly. He is his son’s first role model andrepparttar 142967 first man his daughter will love. And no matter what else he does in his life, fatherhood will be his most important and fulfilling achievement.

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