Want To Submit More Articles Faster?

Written by Judy Cullins

Submitting articles to top websites and ezines two or more times a week can yield 15 or more subscribers to your own ezine each time. Read by thousands, even hundreds of thousands, your articles also bring people to your Web site to buy your products.

Knowing these benefits, you want to create and submit as many articles as you can. At times, you haverepparttar articles complete, but don't have anyone handy to edit them. While it's best to get at least two other edits from business associates, you can edit your articles yourself with a little help.

Use this checklist to edit your own work

1. Start your introduction with a question or startling fact. You must hook your readers with something that reaches their emotions.

2. Make your introduction only a few sentences. Your readers want to get torepparttar 124282 heart of your article fast. They want easy-to- read quick tips. Long stories can bring a yawn to your reader.

3. Make all of your sentences short. Since standard sentence length is 15-17 words, make most of your sentences under that number. Complex sentences and multiple phrases makerepparttar 124283 reading tougher. Make it easy for your readers to getrepparttar 124284 point fast..

4. Avoid dull, slow passive sentences. Start them with a subject, then follow with a verb to avoid passive construction. The coach marketed her business and books through submitting articles online is an active sentence. The coach's books were marketed online through submitting articles is passive. Drop linking verbs such as "is," "was," "seemed," or "had." Replace them with power, active verbs. Instead of "She is beautiful," you could say "Her beauty compels you to stare at her."

5. Aim for compelling, clear copy. Write forrepparttar 124285 8-10th grade reader. Always think "What's in it for them?"

6. Use specific nouns and names. General references don't engage your readers' emotions. Let them seerepparttar 124286 size, color, shape. Rather than say, "Write your book fast to make lifelong income," say "Write and finish your book fast so you can take that long vacation to a Caribbean island such as Tobago." Money isn't a specific pull, but a vacation is.

Ezine Promotion, The Three Forgotten Tactics

Written by Peter Murphy

If you are like most ezine publishers you want more ideas that work. But hold on a minute what about allrepparttar key strategies that you have overlooked?

1 Teamwork:

Hook up with a fellow publisher who does not compete directly with you. I do this to find out what really works. Share ideas and results. Brainstorm even by email and you will discover new ways to promote your newsletter that you will not have spotted before.

You could save yourself weeks or months of wasted effort if you know which strategy people are responding to today. And not what used to work last year when that guru wrote his expensive ebook with allrepparttar 124281 answers that were true back then.

For example, last week I learned from a fellow ezine writer that his new ecourse was taking off like a rocket. So, I have cancelled my plans to write another ebook and instead I am working on developing an ecourse. And when it comes to promoting my new ecourse I already know an expert I can check in with instead of spending weeks to learn what works best.

2 Help other ezine publishers to get what they want:

Spend time solvingrepparttar 124282 problems that other ezine publishers face. For example, read their back issues and point out ways they can offer an even better product. If you can help them to get more subscribers you will be rewarded with your articles getting priority treatment and appearing in their upcoming issues.

Do these other publishers offer a free report to new subscribers? Ask if they would like one suitable for their audience and then produce one that focuses on your area of expertise. They get more subscribers by offering a truly useful report and you benefit by getting your byline in front of even more people.

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