Want To Stop Leaving Your Prospects Feeling "Naked"? Use TheCurious "Power" Of Three!

Written by Craig Garber

Here's a fast... easy... "no-brainer" way, to make more money by improvingrepparttar selling power of your sales copy... "pulling" your prospects closer to you... and upping your credibility.

Many years ago, I was ridingrepparttar 144201 subway downtown to work one morning, and I overheard a woman saying she felt "naked" because she forgot to wear her earrings that day.

Since then, I've heard that expression used on other occasions, if someone's forgotten to wear their wedding band... their watch... or even their pantyhose.

Now of course, when you say you're feeling "naked", what you really mean, is... you feel "incomplete".

And whether you know it or not, you may be leaving your prospects feeling "incomplete" in your sales copy.

Here's why: Listen to each of these very familiar phrases, and tell me what they all have in common, O.K.?

Here you go:

"A B C"

"on your mark... get set... go" (inrepparttar 144202 UK, that would be "ready... steady... go")

"first, second, third"

"3 blind mice"

"3 wise men"

"The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" O.K., that's enough.

You see what each of these expressions has in common, right?

They each contain a sequence of three items, stated back-to-back.

Why is this important to know, and how can you use this to improve your sales copy?

The answer is simple: Because of all these common references you've heard over-and-over again throughout your life, your brain's been programmed to accept and understand things, when they're given to you in "threes".

You just feel more "at ease" processing information that's given to you in blocks of "three".

So make sure to use this “power” of three... in your sales copy!

Because if you want to make some money using your sales copy, you must get your prospects feeling as relaxed and comfortable as a grizzly bear, all snuggled up and hibernating in his nice warm cave.

Think about it: Whenever someone starts giving you a list of things, once you hearrepparttar 144203 second item on that list, don't you automatically anticipate, there's going to be a third?

Here's an example of what I mean: Let's say you own a hotel, and you're listing some ofrepparttar 144204 benefits of staying at your hotel, and you present them in bullets.

If you say this...

75 over-sized comfy rooms that each facerepparttar 144205 ocean! You'll want to make sure you've got your video camera handy as you're unwinding on your private balcony watchingrepparttar 144206 daily sunset, listening torepparttar 144207 waves roll up againstrepparttar 144208 shore right outside your window! 3, 5-Star restaurants! And each one of them offers you a minimum of 27 tasty meals and 11 local desserts, all prepared fresh, daily. (Plus, you get our "If you don't like it -- you don't pay for it, guarantee!") If you stop here... and then you move on with some other copy... it somehow leaves you with that "incomplete" feeling we just talked about, right?

However, if you said this:

Here's A Simple Selling Secret For How To Turn 2 Words... Into $44,590 Dollars... Selling Softdrinks!

Written by Craig Garber

Here's a proven, and truly easy way to start increasing your sales, immediately.

All you need to do is add these 2 words to your selling system, and you're good to go.

In fact, this trick's so good, I wish I could take credit for coming up with it, butrepparttar truth is, it comes from a little-known marketing legend.

Here'srepparttar 144200 deal:

In 1947, Elmer Wheeler was one ofrepparttar 144201 best-known salesmen of his time. His "Wheeler Institute of Words" developed a "best practices" of selling, by testing a variety of words in over 19 million selling situations.

I'm right inrepparttar 144202 middle of reading one of Elmer's most famous books, "Tested Sentences That Sell".

And here's a great little selling trick that comes straight out of this book:

Ever go into a restaurant and order a drink?

Of course you have.

And what does your server usually ask you, right after you place your order?

They usually say "Small or large?", right?

Well, imagine for a moment... you'rerepparttar 144203 owner of this restaurant.

Do you have any idea how much your sales would increase over time, if... instead of saying "Small or large?" after your customers ordered their drinks ... you told your servers to instead, say...

“Large one?”

Let me takerepparttar 144204 guess-work out of this and make your job easier for you.

Elmer Wheeler tested this experiment out in five-thousand separate selling situations. Andrepparttar 144205 results showed, when your server asked "Large one?"...

7 out of every 10 people, answered “Yes!”

So, let's say a large soda costs you 35¢ more than a small soda -- are you with me on this? This means, by saying "Large one?"... 7 out of every 10 customers that walk through your door, end up giving you an extra 35 cents!

Now you may be thinking, "So what?... It's only 35 cents."

A-h-h-h, but remember....

Little Hinges Swing Big Doors Open!

Follow me here for a minute: If you've got 5 servers... and each of them does this with 100 customers a day, this means each of them will be serving large sodas to an extra 70 people a day.

That's an extra 350 large soda sales a day. (5 servers x 70 large sodas each).

350 extra sales, at 35¢ each, is $122.50 a day in extra gross sales for you... which translates into $857.50 extra a week, and over 52 weeks, this turns into...

$44,590 Dollars A Year... With ZERO Extra Marketing Costs Involved!

Not bad, hey?

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