Want A Great Family Dog?

Written by Amy Howells

A breed of dog called a Boxer is very family-oriented and they always love to be around people. Treat them as family members. Never underestimate their need for human companionship, which isrepparttar most notable trait of this breed.

The Boxer is happiest when it is with people. Its whole pelvis moves when a Boxer wags its tail in delight and exhilaration. It can adapt to any environment as long as it is with people.

They love being with their "families" and don't like to be alone. Include them in your gatherings when company is around.

They love to be your shadow. Boxers are intelligent and are quite capable of participating in many family adventures.

Boxer dogs are like humans and they need lots of love to feel like a part ofrepparttar 105736 family.

Accept them for what they are and give them time to show how loyal they can be. They are very sensitive animals too so never hit them.

The Basics of Caring For Your Puppy

Written by Amy Howells

Potty Training Your Puppy: Make sure you feed your dog at regular times every day as this makes bathroom breaks regular as well. Feed your puppy 2-3 times a day. As soon as he is finished eating, take him to a grassy "potty area". Speakrepparttar words "go potty" or "go inrepparttar 105735 grass" before and while he is eliminating. Be sure to praise him when he is done.

What you are doing is building word associations withrepparttar 105736 dog that will allow you to encourage his potty activity on command. This comes in handy when you and your dog are at unusual locations and at pit stops during long haul travel. It also saves you from cleaning unwanted fecal material offrepparttar 105737 carpet at home.

It is a good idea to train your puppy to use a place where you can easily clean up and dispose ofrepparttar 105738 droppings intorepparttar 105739 sewer. This is because worms that infect dogs and make them sick get spread around throughrepparttar 105740 eggs or larvae found inrepparttar 105741 feces. Some, likerepparttar 105742 roundworm, can also infect children.

Reprimanding Your Puppy: Talk to puppies like you would to children when they do something wrong. Tell them "no" and show them immediately whatrepparttar 105743 correct behavior should be and reward them for doing it right. After a few times they'll know how to do it right.

For example, tell him "NO" when you catch him chewingrepparttar 105744 shoes. Then immediately give him his own toys to chew and cheer him on to chew onrepparttar 105745 toys. Praise him for doing so.

Use sparingly those reprimanding words like "No," "Stop that," "get off" and "bad dog!" Instead use more praises to reward good behavior in your dogs, this wayrepparttar 105746 reprimands will take on stronger meaning. A correct reprimand is short, sharp and immediate. Only reprimand when you catch your dog doing something wrong, and punish only with your voice. Hitting, kicking, slapping or spanking your dog can create more problems and usually makes existing problems worse. You may just end up with a barking and chewing dog, one that is leery, hand-shy, fearful or aggressive. If you really have to spank one with your hand, just slap him acrossrepparttar 105747 behind.

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