Walmart Scammers Caught

Written by dDawg

We found this quite interesting, how anyone would be able to pull this off.

Four charged over $1.5m Wal-Mart price switch scam

Two US couples have been arrested on suspicion of masterminding a price switching scam involving counterfeit bar codes estimated to have cost Wal-Mart stores across 19 US states a total of $1.5m overrepparttar last decade.

Sisters Julie Marie Simmons (AKA Julie Poore), 35, and Laura Simmons Howerton, 39, and their husbands Michael Poore, 29, and Dewey Howerton, 39 were arrested in Nashville, Tennessee and charged withrepparttar 105798 theft of $60,000 in connection withrepparttar 105799 scam, AP reports. Investigators suspectrepparttar 105800 two couples and up to 30 accomplices systematically plundered Wal-Mart and two other unnamed retail chains for years and stole much more than this.

The gang allegedly used a home PC to duplicate bar codes for cheap products which were placed overrepparttar 105801 genuine bar codes of more expensive items. Merchandise bought "onrepparttar 105802 cheap" was either returned for refunds, exchanged for vouchers or sold on at a profit. Police reckonrepparttar 105803 ring escaped detection for years partly by visiting shops at their busiest times.

They're Phishing Your Identity Online

Written by Steve Dimeck

Identity Theft even though punishable by law with up to 15 years in prison, continues to flourish. And one increasingly popular way of capturing personal data isrepparttar form of phishing, which happens online.

Many innocent computer users fall victim to this online scam. It has been reported that 5%, and up to 20% ofrepparttar 105797 people fell victim to this scam causing them untold headaches. From getting stuck with huge credit card bills to having their savings disappear from their personal bank accounts.

Hi. My name is Steve Dimeck. I fell victim to this scam but I didn't letrepparttar 105798 hacker steal my personal information because I've already gone through a similar but not as severe experience. My personal best friend wasn't that lucky though. Her personal financial information was stolen and she went through a nightmare. She is still trying to clear her name from this evil incident.

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