Walls can cool themselves!

Written by K.A.Cassimally

I always start my column with a question. So why break away with tradition now?

Would you believe that walls can cool themselves when they get hot? (Actually that’s 2 questions atrepparttar beginning of this column!) Many of you, if not all of you will answer a simple and flat, ‘NO’. I would have said so too until I read it with my own eyes (I didn’t actually see these walls with my own eyes, no).

The BASF company announced in mid-year that it had managed to dorepparttar 127665 impossible. The experiments were held in Ludwigshafen, Germany.

Ok, I know you are all interested in reading how these walls in fact ‘work’ but it’s sort of complicated. Anyway I’ll try my best. Read on!

The walls are filled with plastic micro-marbles, which in turn are filled with paraffin wax. Nowrepparttar 127666 wax will melt at a temperature higher than 24oC something. Melting, as you might know absorbs energy, which is in this case heat. The paraffin wax inrepparttar 127667 micro-marbles absorbs heat thus cooling their surroundings (they take allrepparttar 127668 heat away).

Chromatography: a glance from XXI century

Written by Aram Hayrapetyan

Dear Colleague!


I am sure it interests You - especially in attaining a maximum efficiency ofrepparttar chromatographic column in use. It should be acknowledged that not all has been done yet in this field of chromatography. That's whyrepparttar 127664 proposed technology has a high significance. Thus a new basis has been opened from whichrepparttar 127665 whole philosophy ofrepparttar 127666 theory of Chromabarography can be easily developed as an entity, and I suppose inrepparttar 127667 near future we shall have experimentally confirmed such a theory of chromatography which will evidently be similar to geometry.

I hope I managed You to get acquainted withrepparttar 127668 advantages ofrepparttar 127669 new basic technology of chromatography - Chromabarography (Hayrapetyan's Effect). It is interesting, do you not think so?

It follows to note thatrepparttar 127670 virtually presented information about chromabarography opens onlyrepparttar 127671 top ofrepparttar 127672 iceberg. I think you will evaluate and determine yourselfrepparttar 127673 diagnosis ofrepparttar 127674 contemporary state ofrepparttar 127675 competitiveness ofrepparttar 127676 chromatographic apparatus and ofrepparttar 127677 technologies applied and will get measured answers forrepparttar 127678 main questions:

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