Walking in the Auvergne Volcano National Park

Written by Seb Jay

Situated onrepparttar northwestern edge ofrepparttar 143576 Massif Central in Southeast France isrepparttar 143577 hauntingly beautiful landscape ofrepparttar 143578 Parc des Volcans (Auvergne Volcano National Park). It covers an area of approximately 395,000 hectares and takes in three extinct volcanic mountain chains that are spread over two French departments. The park stretches for more than 120kms along a north-south axis, and has long been a favourite with hikers from aroundrepparttar 143579 world, thousands of whom visitrepparttar 143580 area every year.

Atrepparttar 143581 Park's northern extent isrepparttar 143582 Chaine des Puys (Monts Domes) - a chain of volcanic creations that takes inrepparttar 143583 magnificent crater of Puy de Dome. The Chaine des Puys isrepparttar 143584 youngest volcanic chain inrepparttar 143585 Parc de Volcans, its mountains last spewing lava acrossrepparttar 143586 landscape some 6000 years ago. The Puy de Dome volcano representsrepparttar 143587 highest peak here and is easily accessible by foot or by car.

Inrepparttar 143588 central part ofrepparttar 143589 Parc des Volcans isrepparttar 143590 Monts Dore volcanic area. It contains Puy de Sancy, which at 1886m above sea level isrepparttar 143591 highest peak inrepparttar 143592 park. The region has many distinct craters and crater lakes, making for some ofrepparttar 143593 most spectacular scenery inrepparttar 143594 Massif Central.

Rock with Amadeus in 2006

Written by Seb Jay

Rock with Amadeus in 2006

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - arguablyrepparttar greatest music composer ever to walk this Earth - was born on January 27th 1756 in Salzburg, Austria. Next year (2006) is his 250th birthday and you're invited to Austria to celebraterepparttar 143575 life and works of this musical genius in style!

The party begins inrepparttar 143576 cities and towns acrossrepparttar 143577 country in January. Salzburg, Mozart's birthplace, isrepparttar 143578 focus for several events, including performances of all 22 of Mozart's operas. The official launch of 'Mozart-Year' takes place (fittingly) on January 27th with a two-day festival inrepparttar 143579 city -repparttar 143580 theme "The City isrepparttar 143581 Stage".

Here is a list of all Mozart events in Salzburg through 2006:

Jan 27-29, 2006 Mozart Year - Launch Festival: Theme "The City isrepparttar 143582 Stage"

Jan 20-Feb 5, 2006 Mozart Week: Twenty-five concert performances celebrating Mozart's work. Performers featured include some ofrepparttar 143583 best-known conductors, soloists, singers, orchestras and ensembles inrepparttar 143584 world today

Jan 17, 2006 - Jan 7, 2007 "Viva!Mozart" Exhibition atrepparttar 143585 Salzburg Carolino Augusteum Museum

Weekends from Feb-Nov 2006 "Best of Mozarts": 30 weekends of concert performances byrepparttar 143586 famous Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg andrepparttar 143587 Salzburg Chamber Soloistsas

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