Written by Grady Smith

Right now, I want you to make a choiceÖ

Are you going to sit by with mediocre advertising results, or are you going to invest a little bit of time to assure every classified you write hasrepparttar pulling power of a 350 horse power money generating, engine?

The reality of ads is most people do not use them effectively. And bottom line, an effective classified ad isrepparttar 127356 workhorse of your businesses.

So, are you using these little wonders to your full advantage?

Can you comfortably invest $100 in ads withrepparttar 127357 assurance that youíll pull in $1,200 or more?

If not, then thereís a world Iím about to open to you. Andrepparttar 127358 secrets youíre going to learn haverepparttar 127359 potential to literally shatter your belief that you need to spend a lot of money and place thousands of classifieds to turn any real profits.


Forget about cleverly designed sentences and trying to wow readers with your selection of words. Your headline has one job, and thatís to drawrepparttar 127360 reader in torepparttar 127361 rest of your advertisement.

Any headline you write should make your offer stand out fromrepparttar 127362 rest, stoprepparttar 127363 reader dead in their tracks, and make them curious.

So, what makes people stop and want to learn more about your offer?

It speaks to them directly, and then it proposes a solution to a problem.

The High Profit Magic Bullet!

Written by Grady Smith

One ofrepparttar greatest secrets to instantly increasing your online sales isrepparttar 127355 proper use of Magic Bullets. In fact, by just using a few on my website, I was able to quadruple my weekly income. And itís something that Iím strongly convinced anyone can apply to their own sales page to quickly double or triple their online income immediately.

So, whatís a Magic Bullet?

The short answer is a list of bulleted benefits forrepparttar 127356 product. Butrepparttar 127357 real secret of using them for high profits is inrepparttar 127358 design of each bullet.

More on setting up your own bullets in a moment But I want you to understandrepparttar 127359 profitability and importance of using high impact Magic Bullets on your own website.

First, most wonít read your sales letter word for word. Magic Bullets let a visitor scanrepparttar 127360 benefits at a quick glance. They can see instantly what theyíre getting with their purchase and how it will benefit them.

Second, strongly written Magic Bullets can sell your product without a lick of additional copy. Thatís right. No P.S., no guarantee. Iíve bought online products solely forrepparttar 127361 reason thatrepparttar 127362 outlined Magic Bullets promised me something that I was willing to pay for.

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