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Jubilation was heard throughoutrepparttar land World War II had ended, strike uprepparttar 137556 band The conflict was fierce and lasted for years Victory was won can't you hearrepparttar 137557 cheers

Sixty years has slipped by since Victory Day Many of those veterans have already passed away Sincerepparttar 137558 end ofrepparttar 137559 warrepparttar 137560 world has changed so much Where are all those people who used to go to church

Church doors were left open duringrepparttar 137561 war People entered to pray throughrepparttar 137562 unlocked door Prayers were heard and answered on VE day For Victory in Japanrepparttar 137563 folks continued to pray

The Sikh British Army - VE Celebrations Birmingham

Written by Birmingham UK Com

Sikhs have always been known as great warriors. Duringrepparttar two World Wars over 80,000 Sikhs gave their lives forrepparttar 137392 allied cause.Whilst Birmingham celebrates VE Day we could do well to remember this. Often unforgotten, there are many Sikhs who have been awardedrepparttar 137393 Victoria Cross.

Britain has a proud tradition of valiant armed forces and a capable military which has managed to defend these isles effectively for hundreds of years. British Military achievement is well known throughoutrepparttar 137394 world andrepparttar 137395 bravery and versatility of its soldiers, seamen and airmen is unquestioned and forever stamped in history.

Today as we look atrepparttar 137396 VE Day Celebrations there is an abundance of information inrepparttar 137397 media that provides an insight into what life would have been like in those troubled times. It is right that we remember them,repparttar 137398 fallen, andrepparttar 137399 living whose numbers dwindle with every passing year. To them we owe our freedom as they fought for this land and often lost their lives so that we might remain a free country.

However, whilst each country has a right to blow its own trumpet and rememberrepparttar 137400 heroic gestures, hardships and victories that made this nation what it is today, we should also rememberrepparttar 137401 massive sacrifice given by others from nations further afield.

The Sikhs sacrificed a great deal for this country. Duringrepparttar 137402 Anglo-Sikh wars of 1845 1849repparttar 137403 British had been so impressed byrepparttar 137404 Khalsa Army they decided to enlist many battalions of Sikh forces. The former Sikh enemy became so loyal that in 1857 when most ofrepparttar 137405 Indian Army revolted,repparttar 137406 Sikhs remained totally supportive and fought side by side withrepparttar 137407 British Army. Subsequently,repparttar 137408 Punjab becamerepparttar 137409 recruiting ground forrepparttar 137410 British. This staunch and loyal Sikh support was to show itself again duringrepparttar 137411 great wars.

Duringrepparttar 137412 First World War Sikhs joinedrepparttar 137413 ranks ofrepparttar 137414 British Army in great numbers. They fought inrepparttar 137415 trenches of Germany and at Gallipoli where thousands of Sikhs fought and died. The British Indian Army was made of nearly 20% Sikhs, despiterepparttar 137416 fact that Sikhs account for only 2% ofrepparttar 137417 population in India.

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