Written by Marie Williams

TIME WASTER. Do you find yourself constantly checking your mail? Are you sick and tired of responding torepparttar same old requests? Or do you simply get torepparttar 109682 end ofrepparttar 109683 day and wonder where all your time has gone? By working a little smarter, you can gain at least an hour a day -- or 15.2 days every single year!

TOP TOOL. Any good email program will allow you to organize and filter your mail, and create standard letter templates. Eudora Pro (, in particular, makes light work of managing your mail at a very affordable price.

BOX CLEVER. Create a simple filing system by organising your incoming mail into folders -- this saves you valuable searching time. Examples of folders include Work, Personal, Ezines, Articles, and To Do. You can also use your email program like a Filofax storing draft messages and reminders in your Monday through Sunday or To Do folders.

DIRECT MAIL. Filters can redirect your incoming emails into specific folders. Your ezine subscriptions, for instance, can be sent straight to your Ezines folder. Automatic filtering makes it easy for you to stash, trash, or act on your mail with a minimum of fuss and time.

FILTER CLEAN. Professional email clients have a whole range of filtering options. You can command Eudora to play a "warning" sound when invoices arrive, transfer all your ezines to your "To Read" folder, or label emails from your friends and family with your favourite colour. The choices are vast.

PUT IT ALL ON AUTO. Some filters can act like autoresponders by replying with a pre-written message or template whenever you process your mail. Eudora Pro will set up an unlimited number of these. So, if you've asked people to place "info" inrepparttar 109684 subject bar, just set up your filter to reply withrepparttar 109685 "info" stationery. Think how much time this neat little feature will save you!

Quick, Helpful Tips for Direct Mail

Written by Wild Bill Montgomery

Make Your Offer Irresistible - All good copywriters will tell you,repparttar secret to great copy is to make it impossible to say "No"!

Findrepparttar 109681 Good in Everything - Rather than try to hide negative sides to your product, try making them known with a positive twist.

Stay Focused - Product or Audience. Keep your advertising focused. The wider your scope,repparttar 109682 easier it gets to lose your reader.

What, Where, Why, Who or How - One ofrepparttar 109683 quickest ways to grab attention, is to pose a question to your readers they can't help but answering.

Tell Them What They Know - Another way to get your reader interested is to state a negative fact that your reader already knows, and offer a solution.

Justrepparttar 109684 Facts Ma'am - Although "Power" words are great eye catchers and helprepparttar 109685 flow of your copy, nothing beats providing facts and product details.

Be Sincere - People can spot phonies and phony copy just as easy.

No Fear? Wrong! - Fear makes a great motivator. Fear of missing a great deal or fear of what can happen without your product.

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