Written by Tanner Larsson


New representatives arerepparttar lifeblood of your organization. You must be there to nurture them and guide them throughrepparttar 122473 beginning stages ofrepparttar 122474 business.

Be a Rock

You arerepparttar 122475 leader; therefore you must never let your reps (or your Leaders) see you sweat. You must be their unwavering rock of steadiness. No matter what happens you must be a Rock.

Limit Direct Contact

Your time is very valuable, and you need to instill that in your new representatives, so that when you do spend time with them they will be more coachable and feel like their time was well spent. Limit your direct contact with your new representatives. Don’t give out your phone number to everyone. Have them call their immediate upline. If they call you, then you call their immediate upline. Teach themrepparttar 122476 chain of command.

Have Confidence in Your Team

A leader has more confdence in their new people thanrepparttar 122477 new people have in themselves. Let your representatives know that you have confidence in them. Knowing that their leader believes in them is a key factor in how successful a representative becomes.

Be extremely supportive of your new reps. *“I’ll be there for you.” *“Don’t worry about it.” *“I’ve been through it before.” *“You can do it!” *“Piece of cake!” *"Its all part ofrepparttar 122478 game.” (Rejections) *“Lets do it together.”

You must ENCORUAGE your people! Use FEEL, FELT, FOUND to connect with your people and address their concerns. *FEEL- Understand how they feel. LISTEN, DON”T TALK! *FELT- Relate to them, tell them how you feltrepparttar 122479 same way. Be real. *FOUND- Tell them what you found out and how you solved it, after you went throughrepparttar 122480 same thing. Be Constructive! Give them a viable solution.

Make it All Seem Easy

Show them how simple this business is, do not complicate things. Never Deviate! There are NEW representatives, which means they are infants in network marketing. You do not feed a baby steak and lobster…you feed them baby food. Teach them onlyrepparttar 122481 basics, and once they have applied and mastered them, teach them a little bit more when they are ready. DO NOT confuse this with lying to your people. NEVER LIE TO YOUR TEAM! Network marketing is not hard to do, but it does take hard work. Network marketing is not easy it is simple.

Have High Expectations

Have high expectations of your downlines. Set goals for your team to strive for, and when they hit their goal, quickly set a new one to avoid losing momentum. Just like believing in your people having high expectations for them will help keep them motivated and striving for success. People have a way of living up to or down to your expectations.


Written by Tanner Larsson

KEYS TO RECRUITING Copyright © Tanner Larsson

You cannot succeed in Network Marketing without masteringrepparttar art of recruiting new representatives into your business. It is by far one ofrepparttar 122472 most important skills you will learn and will be something you practice almost every day of your career in MLM.

The recruiting process isrepparttar 122473 first step in building an organization of thousands of representatives. It should not be mistaken asrepparttar 122474 ONLY step. The introduction of people to your organization in a positive, encouraging manner is a fundamental must. Here arerepparttar 122475 basic tools, concepts, and actions used inrepparttar 122476 first stage of organization building;repparttar 122477 recruitment process.

The first element to fully understand is that this business is not for everyone. Many of our closest friends, family members and business associates will not seerepparttar 122478 value in joiningrepparttar 122479 business at this time. Too often, amateurs look for people who “need”repparttar 122480 business, rather than people who “want”repparttar 122481 business. This always leads to an early demise for everyone involved. Once you stop expecting everyone to jump atrepparttar 122482 opportunity as you did, you will save everyone a lot of time, anguish and frustration.

Focus your mindset on finding those people who want what you offer. Don’t waste time trying to convince a negative prospect to join, especially considering that time would be better spent in talking to ten positive people. Commit to memory: Leaders Sort, Amateurs convince.

Never burn your bridges with any negative prospect. Many times negative prospects will watch and return, based on your success. They may even become top producers themselves. Additionally you can never predict what will happen in someone’s life. It may simple be a bad time for a person to commit. Be it a combination of work, school, family and other problems don’t forcerepparttar 122483 issue. Always depart as friends and keep a door open forrepparttar 122484 future. Keep business cards for future reference. A fundamental principal to remember about recruiting is: No is for now not forever.

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