Written by Bob Kirkpatrick

From: Wind Wireless, Inc.

Contact: Bob Kirkpatrick, Chief Technology Officer (509) 462-4734 715 East Sprague Avenue Spokane, WA 99202



SPOKANE, WA December 27, 2004 - Wind Wireless, Inc. of Spokane, Washington announcedrepparttar completion of their latest project, a free access wireless internet system that encompasses over 2,200 square miles. Often called WiFi Hotspots, these Internet access systems are often found at airports and coffee houses, allowing people with small radio cards in portable computers to userepparttar 133396 Internet. The city of Spokane has been getting a lot of press coverage for a ten by ten block hotspot it built at a cost of $75,000. The Wind Wireless system uses Mikrotik equipment andrepparttar 133397 company spent under $30,000. The Wind system is capable of delivering speeds up to 4 megabits per second.

“We have a lot of control and tracking capabilities,” said Bob Kirkpatrick, Wind Wireless’ Chief of Technology. “Mikrotik allows us to have a lot more security and utility than anything else out there. For price, utility, security and reliability you just can’t beat it.”

Are You Copernic Conscious?

Written by John Calder

© 2004, John Calder

Often overlooked by Internet marketers, software manufacturer Copernic Technologies offers some great tools for market and competition research. The company seems to concentrate on corporate markets, as they're not a household name inrepparttar same way that "Norton" is, and their products aren't generally available through retail channels.

Copernic recently released their desktop search tool. This product is available now, is free, and creates a searchable index of many documents on your home computer, including email, MS Office documents, text files, PDF, and others. The program runs resident in memory so that in can update its index onrepparttar 133395 fly. You can optionally add a search box to your taskbar. This isrepparttar 133396 first entry in an approaching battle for desktop search. Microsoft has announced that desktop search will be integrated with future releases of Windows. And Google has a desktop search tool in beta, but it's not yet as capable asrepparttar 133397 Copernic search tool is.

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