Written by Doug Krieger

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Tom DeLay may be under attack; however, he is stillrepparttar most powerful HAMMER/power broker to descend uponrepparttar 143519 House of Reps. in decades . . . and, a close study of DeLay's is his match amongrepparttar 143520 Christians, Tim LaHaye . . . Politics & Religion--go figure!

TOM & TIM...DeLay and LaHaye


Why The Dems Can’t Stand Tom DeLay & Tim LaHaye

Part I (Note: These articles appeared duringrepparttar 143521 height of Tom DeLay's ever-increasing problems involving past political practices inrepparttar 143522 State of Texas. The "problems" just won't go away...but are his junkets paid by deep-pocketed lobbyists any different than scores of critics who feed atrepparttar 143523 same tables as DeLay? Makes for interesting reading . . .

By Doug Krieger


Lou Dubose and Jan Reid’s new book, THE HAMMER, a biography on House of Representatives Majority Whip Tom DeLay, is allegedly a story of God, Money, andrepparttar 143524 Rise ofrepparttar 143525 Republican Congress—and just how Tom DeLay took advantage of Newt Gingrich and fellow Texan Dick Armey’s Republican ascendancy and became himselfrepparttar 143526 most powerful man inrepparttar 143527 House of Representatives. We’ll get intorepparttar 143528 “God part” a lot more thanrepparttar 143529 money and political parts for now—but just to warn you,repparttar 143530 King of Tyre (money) andrepparttar 143531 King of Babylon (political power) have a whole lot to do about this most interesting story. This is allrepparttar 143532 more fascinating now thatrepparttar 143533 powerful Congressman has collected a whole lot of chips from fellow Reps. for past support and, consequently, has gottenrepparttar 143534 House GOP caucus (Nov. 18, 2004) to vote to end its rule requiring leaders to step down if indicted (which it now appears that DeLay will be for past indiscretions brought against him in Texas). The political intrigue is mounting, big time!

Now,repparttar 143535 plot of this political-religious thriller intensifies asrepparttar 143536 “moral ofrepparttar 143537 story” is discovered—enter Tim LaHaye (kind of a neat little rhyme going on here with Tom and Tim, DeLay and LaHaye). You see, DeLay eventually walked right into an evangelical church that had gotten a whole lot more “politicized” by folks like LaHaye—so, when we get intorepparttar 143538 “God part” of DeLay, you’ll understand why we brought LaHaye along.

LaHaye will act as Chairman ofrepparttar 143539 Board for Jerry Falwell’s newly energized FAITH AND VALUES COALITION. The Faith and Values Coalition, according torepparttar 143540 most beloved Baptist brother onrepparttar 143541 planet,repparttar 143542 Rev. Barry Lynn (mouth for Americans United forrepparttar 143543 Separation of Church and State), is nothing more than “just another fund-raising vehicle.” Furthermore, Lynn so abhors these religious/political efforts that he likens them to “an old horror movie—every time they bring Frankenstein’s monster back, it just gets worse!”

One might be hearing “sour grapes” a bit—check out Barry’s remarks, and comments on his remarks:

"Some things should be left dead and buried," Lynn said. He noted that recent analysis of election results debunked early claims that "values voters" re-elected President Bush. In fact, Lynn pointed out, voter's main concerns were terrorism, national security andrepparttar 143544 war in Iraq.

"The people do not share Jerry Falwell's repressive vision of an America where church and state are merged andrepparttar 143545 views of intolerant TV preachers formrepparttar 143546 basis of our laws," Lynn said. "I welcome Falwell's new organization torepparttar 143547 debate. I feel confident it will meetrepparttar 143548 same fate asrepparttar 143549 Moral Majority." (see above for source)

Sure, I bet Lynn welcomes Falwell and LaHaye torepparttar 143550 debate—I bet he just can’t wait! Apparently, Falwell believes inrepparttar 143551 resurrection—I wonder if Barry does? But then, again, nothing like another “Son of Frankenstein” movie!


DeLay and LaHaye do have some interesting things in common. For one, they know how to wield political clout and marshal conservative religious forces in America, while amassing vast sums of money for their causes (most of which are mutual). LaHaye co-founded Falwell’s original Moral Majority back inrepparttar 143552 late ‘70s. He and his wife, Beverly, started campaigning for pro-life causes through their Baptist marriage counseling company, Family Life Seminars. In 1979 Bev founded Concerned Women for America—a sort of counter weight torepparttar 143553 National Organization for Women (NOW). Furthermore, LaHaye’s famous “Left Behind” series—whose sales are offrepparttar 143554 charts, approaching (if not surpassing) over 100 million copies (and, catapultingrepparttar 143555 LaHaye’s literary fortunes close to that same figure)—makes him one ofrepparttar 143556 wealthiest evangelicals in America, if notrepparttar 143557 world.

Although Falwell held center stage in galvanizing conservative Christians torepparttar 143558 polls and, ipso facto, torepparttar 143559 Republican cause, LaHaye (as Falwell puts it) “ran underrepparttar 143560 radar.” In 1981 LaHaye foundedrepparttar 143561 Council for National Policy—claiming, at one time, some 600,000 members. Inrepparttar 143562 1980s,repparttar 143563 CNP was quiterepparttar 143564 political/religious machine; spawning countless campaigns and organizations. Included among its members were Ed Meese, John Ashcroft, Pat Robertson and, of course Falwell—as well as key think tanks, and activists like Grover Norquist and Oliver North. A lot ofrepparttar 143565 “right-wing jihad” against President Clinton inrepparttar 143566 1990s was funded by CNP supporters like Texas oilman and silver manipulator, Nelson Bunker Hunt, Richard DeVos of Amway and beer magnate Joseph Coors (the same crowd that fundedrepparttar 143567 contras in Central America).

Impeaching Clinton was allegedly conceived byrepparttar 143568 CNP in Montreal in June of 1997. Falwell toutsrepparttar 143569 CNP for helping raise hundreds of millions for ventures like Liberty University (the second largest Evangelical Christian University in America—surpassed only by Baylor (Baptist) University in Waco, TX). President Bush attended a CNP meeting atrepparttar 143570 start of his 1999 presidential campaign, and Rumsfeld took part inrepparttar 143571 group’s gathering last April in Washington, D.C. Republican political strategist, Paul Weyrich, once said: “Without [LaHaye], what we callrepparttar 143572 religious right would not have developedrepparttar 143573 way it did, and as quickly as it did.”

Brother LaHaye took a severe fall when he was linked, along with wife Bev, in taking hundreds of thousands of dollars fromrepparttar 143574 wacky would-be messiah Rev. Sun Myung Moon and his Unification Church cult (which most Christians really do view as laughably heretical). When Moon got entangled with tax evasion charges, LaHaye came to his rescue. Thenrepparttar 143575 “pay off monies” came out intorepparttar 143576 public—so, LaHaye tried to back off—but it was too late. Byrepparttar 143577 time LaHaye tried to regroup, his reputation—along with another one of his organizations founded inrepparttar 143578 1970s, The American Coalition for Traditional Values, flopped! But LaHaye did regroup—thanks torepparttar 143579 multi-million dollar sales of Left Behind (see, he wasn’t about to be Left Behind).


Written by Doug Krieger


(Note: This article was written as a response to Charles Krauthammer's presentation on "Democratic Globalism" in 2004 . . . its immediate reflections are allrepparttar more significant, givenrepparttar 143440 on-going geopolitic realities we face nearly a 1.6 years later.)


The United States of America is no longer hiding her claws—no rival or United Nations or allied opinion can resist this colossus that struts her stuff acrossrepparttar 143441 planet. The economic disintegration, and political demise ofrepparttar 143442 former Soviet Union, establishedrepparttar 143443 sole super power uponrepparttar 143444 globe in 1991. This hegemonic expression “found herself”repparttar 143445 inheritor of all that exemplifies Western Civilization, be itrepparttar 143446 dregs of Sodom,repparttar 143447 culture of Egypt,repparttar 143448 international trading empire of Tyre,repparttar 143449 mystical religions of Babylon, and especiallyrepparttar 143450 organizational and military genius of Pax Romana.

She is unchallenged. Termedrepparttar 143451 “New Roman Empire” by Russia’s President Vladimir Putin inrepparttar 143452 midst of pending unilateral and pre-emptive action against Iraq, without UN or French, German and Russian support, she waged her war of national interest, cloaked inrepparttar 143453 guise of geo-political realism, and justified by what syndicated columnist Dr. Charles Krauthammer calls “democratic globalism” (DG), a term he coined during a speech given beforerepparttar 143454 American Enterprise Institute, Annual Public Policy Research Council in February 2004 when he receivedrepparttar 143455 Irving Krystal Award for public policy.

DG (according to Krauthammer) isrepparttar 143456 realpolitik ofrepparttar 143457 Twenty-First Century andrepparttar 143458 only resolution torepparttar 143459 “anti-realism” and self-hate of “liberal internationalism” embraced byrepparttar 143460 Democrats, which see no redeeming elements withinrepparttar 143461 “national interest” policies of geo-political realism; instead, liberal internationalism (i.e.,repparttar 143462 Democrats) seek to undermine American national interests by takingrepparttar 143463 moral high ground only through “humanitarian intervention” on behalf of hurting peoples like in Haiti, Bosnia, Somalia, etc. – “while deridingrepparttar 143464 “selfishness” they see inrepparttar 143465 unilateralism of Bush’s foreign policy.

The selective self-interest policies of today’s DGs, in their inadvertent, newly-discovered unipolar world, where realism and economic self-interest can result in aggressive, pre-emptive wars that can be justified through “morality” (e.g., spreading “democratic freedoms” whereby civilization tames barbaric, medieval religious cultures ofrepparttar 143466 Middle East), isrepparttar 143467 interventionist policy ofrepparttar 143468 world’s never-before seen Commercial Republic. But, according to Krauthammer, we are NOT an empire inrepparttar 143469 classical sense ofrepparttar 143470 term—we arerepparttar 143471 “custodian ofrepparttar 143472 international system.” We will not be bound by what Krauthammer calls “the Gulliver Effect” whereinrepparttar 143473 colossus is tied down by international midget organizations likerepparttar 143474 UN, norrepparttar 143475 likes of those unwilling to become members ofrepparttar 143476 “Coalition ofrepparttar 143477 Willing” (e.g., France, Germany, Canada, Russia, etc.).


No, today’s export-driven economies, massive population flows and 9-11 realities have made isolationism obsolete, liberal internationalism (i.e., multi-lateralism) unrealistic, as well as anti-American; and, realism too harsh—leaving selective Democratic Globalism our only recourse. We, again according to Krauthammer, are a benign, reluctant but powerful COMMERCIAL REPUBLIC, not an exploitive and land-hungry empire of antiquity or recent colonialism. And, asrepparttar 143478 custodian ofrepparttar 143479 international system, we will decide preemptively, and if need be, unilaterally, and in our own self-interest, when, where and how to defeat our immediate problem, Islamic totalitarianism (secular or religious).

Hence, obsession withrepparttar 143480 earth’s oil reserves—inrepparttar 143481 name of Democratic Globalism—perfectly suits our Commercial Republic’s goals of Middle East democratization (while picking uprepparttar 143482 spoils of territorial conquest, and, simultaneously initiating such conquests with immediate “exit strategies”—later to be discarded “now that we’re in there.”). Pax Americana’s military, inrepparttar 143483 name of fighting global terrorism will crush all others who are not for her. Her monopolistic and obdurate economic policies (euphemistically entitled “Free or Fair Trade”) are not designed to enslaverepparttar 143484 bodies and souls of men, nor will they heap up riches forrepparttar 143485 Merchants ofrepparttar 143486 Earth who are made rich through trading with her—no, trust us, we mean well in freeingrepparttar 143487 peoples ofrepparttar 143488 earth in this manner; and, yes, I’m being facetious!

Krauthammer’s claim that this Commercial Republic bears no resemblance to any empire ofrepparttar 143489 past is not altogether accurate. She is not Rome, nor Medo-Persia, not Charlemagne,repparttar 143490 Holy Roman Empire,repparttar 143491 British, French, Spaniards norrepparttar 143492 Tsars, Nazis orrepparttar 143493 Communists. Yet,repparttar 143494 new unipolar world of America’s hegemony (i.e.,repparttar 143495 “foreign benefactors” of her Commercial Republic) does share an uncanny reflection to another international trading empire:repparttar 143496 Phoenicians; and, ipso facto,repparttar 143497 biblical King of Tyre’s imprint endures yet another resurrection to collide in prophetic fulfillment asrepparttar 143498 commercial Babylon ofrepparttar 143499 Last Days!

Going forth “conquering and to conquer” upon a white horse is done inrepparttar 143500 name of democratization, on behalf of extending freedom to all peoples tyrannized by despots and implacable religious tyrants who demeanrepparttar 143501 name of liberty and violaterepparttar 143502 conscience of thinking and free peoples everywhere. The planet awaits its greatest hour, so we are told, and preemptive aggression (rather, “liberation”) byrepparttar 143503 world’s only unipolar power has made his purposes known—you are either for us or against us; and, since we epitomizerepparttar 143504 bestrepparttar 143505 blue planet can offer, we alone will or, for that matter, are capable to decide who should be free or neglected.

Yes, Democratic Globalism is a moral crusade between good and evil, between freedom and tyranny. Hence, this purely political resolve demands an interior motivation that can only be supplied by that which espouses, defines and provides moral covering for Gulliver in his travels. Arise,repparttar 143506 new and implacable Right—comprised of a distorted, prophetically motivated bastion of evangelical, southern Protestants (as well as leaders of America’s mega-churches and compatriots amongst so-called pro-family elements within religious America—e.g., Mormons, Moonies, Anti-abortionist Catholics, etc.) in league with American neo-cons. Together, they saluterepparttar 143507 aggressive policies of a Presidency determined to ridrepparttar 143508 world of terrorism—and in so doing, rulerepparttar 143509 earth. These,repparttar 143510 religious andrepparttar 143511 profane, are greeted with enthusiasm by their benefactors who gloat overrepparttar 143512 oil bounty secured through this new aggressive policy of international economic hegemony through military conquest and subjugation, all inrepparttar 143513 name of global democratization, freedom, liberty and elimination of “evil doers” fromrepparttar 143514 planet.

Ostensibly, overrepparttar 143515 past twenty-five-plus years, they have galvanized, through media complicity, corporate malfeasance, and blatant subterfugerepparttar 143516 “family vote” in America—when there never was one to begin with! In so doing—they have inadvertently ascribed unto themselvesrepparttar 143517 “moral high ground” and have, inrepparttar 143518 process, hijacked “Jesus” Who they have wrapped in their flag within their Patriotic Church.

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