Written by Jinky C. Mesias

Why pay your social security taxes? It is important to pay your social security taxes in order for you to earn your social security credits. These social security credits can help you and your family qualify forrepparttar various benefits provided byrepparttar 137677 social security like disability and survivors’ insurance coverage. These benefits will cover you whether you are working for an employer or whether you are self-employed. Aside fromrepparttar 137678 disability and survivor benefits, there are alsorepparttar 137679 retirement benefits as well asrepparttar 137680 Medicare protection that covers not only you but also your whole family. The Medicare protection is especially helpful during times when you or your family is in need of an operation or hospital confinement. Moreover,repparttar 137681 Medicare protection is available up to your age 65.

In cases wherein you become disabled,repparttar 137682 social security has disability benefits that will cover your expenses for up to one year or may be longer depending onrepparttar 137683 severity of your condition. Through social security you are given worry-free time to recuperate. However, you will be considered disabled if and only if you cannot dorepparttar 137684 work you are doing before because of your medical condition. The disability must also last for at least a year or to result in death. The disability benefit is usually paid onrepparttar 137685 sixth full month of your disability, this is done by

Blunt Facts about Vehicular Accident

Written by Maricon Williams

Accidents have already become part of our daily lives. It makes us tripped off our usual activities. It kills, injures, damages. Their horrible effect lingers in our mind however, we are not learning from it because according to statistics, vehicular accidents are increasing wildly every year. Aside from recklessness and defective parts which arerepparttar common causes of accident before, deviant causes like drug and alcohol dependency are also apparent nowadays.

Vehicular accidents are soaring high. In fact, every year it continues to take lives, injure people and damage properties. Thus, there is an indispensable need for us to knowrepparttar 137676 facts revolving vehicular accidents to make sense ofrepparttar 137677 damage that it has caused us and will probably cause us inrepparttar 137678 future.

Inrepparttar 137679 past, there have been few nightmares about vehicular collision. One of which happened on 1896 where there was only four registered cars inrepparttar 137680 United States. Unfortunately, two of them collided with each other in St. Louis. In 1960,repparttar 137681 world’s most solitary tree located in Tenere Desert, Central Africa was struck into by a truck.

As of 2003 there is a close to 7 million vehicular accidents yearly. Out of which, there are 3.5 million injuries involved. There is also approximately $4,900 car accident crashes cost per second. It means to say that there is a vehicular accident once or thrice every month. What is alarming isrepparttar 137682 fact that teenagers are 22 times more likely to speed up like a rocket compared to those persons 65 years or above. Another fact involvesrepparttar 137683 statistics which shows that 1 out of 5 Americans are involved in an alcohol-related car crash. The most common day of accident was recorded to be Saturday andrepparttar 137684 second was Sunday.

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