Written by Richard Igoe

We have all heard that there's no use havingrepparttar best site inrepparttar 134694 world if you don't promote it, and submit it torepparttar 134695 search engines.

Wellrepparttar 134696 opposite is also true. There is no point in promoting your site unless it is well designed and going to trap your visitors.

With over 125,000 home-based online businesses starting each week, internet surfers have such a choice and have to wade through a sea of information to find what they want - and they are more likely to be trapped by a professional looking site than one that looks homemade.

Now a professional looking site does not have to be filled withrepparttar 134697 latest technology, graphics and Java applets which take up space and time to download, however it does need to take account of a few website design aspects overlooked by many homebuilt sites.

1) The site must load fast, since not everyone has a 56K telephone line and a Pentium 400 processor, especially outsiderepparttar 134698 US. The most common mistake made here is not optimizingrepparttar 134699 graphics, and any image over 30KB is probably too large.

2) Websites look different on different browsers (not only between Internet Explorer and Netscape, but also between different versions of these browsers) and different platforms (PC and Mac). What may look great on one browser may look unprofessional on another.

The statistics at http://www.thecounter.com you show you that a wide variety of browsers and platforms are used. The February 2000,repparttar 134700 stats show 48% of users use IE5, 28% use IE4, 17% use NN, and a minority use other browsers. One more interesting statistic is that around 20% of browsers have Java disabled. At http://www.anybrowser.com/siteviewer.htm you can see what your site looks like in different browsers.

3) Websites also look different on screens with different resolutions. A website designed on a 640x480 screen will look different on a 1024x768 screen.

4) Some companies with large networks restrict downloads fromrepparttar 134701 internet (to protect their intranets), so any technology such as Flash which needs plugins, might not be visible to some company employees.

5) It is very important to understand whatrepparttar 134702 TITLE and META tags do, since these play a very important part in your website ranking onrepparttar 134703 search engines. It is surprising how many websites have no TITLE or META tags. More information on these tags can be found at http://www.TheWebsEye.com/search_engine_basics.htm.

What are you telling your visitors?

Written by Paul Easton

Recently I was out surfingrepparttar search engines, looking for high-ranking sites, on different keywords while doing some work for another company.

While having a look around I also contacted a couple of sites looking for some information about their products. Was I looking to buy? Not right now but I was interested and I did bookmark some web sites to review later.

Atrepparttar 134693 same time I made some judgements about repparttar 134694 sites I was looking at, like:

Would I feel safe buying from this site?

Does it look professional?

Notice I am not saying does it have lovely graphics or suitable content, although this would make a visual impression. Byrepparttar 134695 way you can produce professional graphics for free, in minutes at http://zyris.com

I am looking for easy onrepparttar 134696 eyes, easy to follow information. One ofrepparttar 134697 sites was a programming site for scripts to automate tasks on-line.

Some ofrepparttar 134698 ideas were very good butrepparttar 134699 information was in a newspaper like column style. Ever tried to scroll up and down pages on-line and try to read them? it doesn't work.

Am I saying you need to have a site rofessionally designed and spend a lot of money? No, any home user can produce a professional web site that sells.

What I am saying is copyrepparttar 134700 people who do it right! Like eboz


Lots of free help, easy to read, simple to navigate, low on graphics.

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