Written by Donald B. Kramer

The internet provides many resources when you need to find a firm to assist inrepparttar collection of receivables. Directories will be able to providerepparttar 119313 names of law firms and collection agencies who specialize inrepparttar 119314 collection of delinquencies. Here are some sites to be considered: NARCA DIRECTORY. NARCA isrepparttar 119315 National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys. The internet directory can be found at http://www.narca.org Approximately 640 collection law firms are listed, with links to their e-mail and websites. Viewing is free. These firms generally work on a contingent fee basis, with no charge ifrepparttar 119316 account is not collected. They collect "retail" claims----that is, claims against consumers. "ATTORNEYFIND" Directory at http://www.Attorneyfind.com is a directory of law firms in 70 categories, and includesrepparttar 119317 category of collections for

What's more important than the money in any contract you sign?

Written by Douglas Smith

Do you know that single most important part of any contract? Many business owners are kicking themselves and their growth is hampered because they did not pay attention to it---and what it could do to them.

Business owners are understandably in a rush to grow their business. You have to be fast to stay ahead. You must always look torepparttar next deal to grow your business. Software licensing, advertising contracts, link exchange agreements, service contracts, consulting arrangements, they are what you do. But in your haste to grow and makerepparttar 119312 deal, do not run past this one detail. So often your concern on any agreement boils down to two questions, "What do I have to do and what do I get?" Ask yourself one more question.

It applies to bothrepparttar 119313 contract other people have you sign andrepparttar 119314 ones you have your customers sign. It doesn't matter if it is a one-page agreement or a forty-page contract in ten-point print. Ask yourself this one question.

What isrepparttar 119315 way out?

I know. It isrepparttar 119316 last thing everyone thinks about. Everyone is too focused on makingrepparttar 119317 deal and not how to get out of it.

We have all heard of other businesses that found themselves stuck in a contract they cannot get out of. A hosting service has them locked into a multi year contract -forever in internet terms, or they are bound to supply a good or service at a ridiculously low price. A deal made when they needed repparttar 119318 money too much to turn downrepparttar 119319 customer, and now they regret it.

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