Written by Arleen M. Kaptur

ďWhy not go out on a limb? Thatís whererepparttar fruit is.Ē

(Mark Twain)

Safe is a word that many people use every single day. Safe is also a place where everyone wants to be. We are then secure and nothing will hurt us. The truth is that while nothing will hurt us, we are hurting ourselves.

Going out on a limb as Mark Twain so aptly put it can be stressful. There may be dangers lurking inrepparttar 123905 corners and we might stumble and fall. Yes, these possibilities do exist. It does not mean that they are inevitable and guaranteed to happen.

If we stand still, we give way to turning into stone. Apathy takes over our lives and we find ourselves in a self-imposed prison with bars of failure. Not trying constitutes never knowing if you could. If you are a writer and you donít put your ideas down on paper, you will never experiencerepparttar 123906 thrill of having people take your words and make them a part of their lives. If you are a mechanic, not going out on a limb will never give yourepparttar 123907 feeling of accomplishment in knowing that you solvedrepparttar 123908 problem, you foundrepparttar 123909 source, and you helped someone. All jobs and careers involverepparttar 123910 possibility of advancement, increased knowledge, andrepparttar 123911 ability to reach out and make a difference inrepparttar 123912 lives of other people.

The fruit atrepparttar 123913 end of that limb may be a new friendship,repparttar 123914 learning of a new skill or technique, and evenrepparttar 123915 wonderful warm feeling of having done a good dayís work for a dayís pay. When you serve that order in a fast-food restaurant, even if your efforts are not readily appreciated, you know that this person was treated in a very pleasant and helpful way. You did what you could do, and hopefully, they will go on to do something nice to someone else. You startedrepparttar 123916 chain reaction or you kept it going. Either way you did not stand still, you did not stagnate, and you made a difference.

Your words, your actions, and your attitude will be evident to everyone around you. There is alwaysrepparttar 123917 possibility that someone you think is out of hearing distance or is just not paying any attention does take note of you. Donít riskrepparttar 123918 chance that they just may need to hear a person that takes life and makesrepparttar 123919 most of it. This hope of knowing that one person out there is not going to letrepparttar 123920 world get them down may just berepparttar 123921 push they need to keep on trying, and not quitting.

Success: Wear it Like a Second Skin

Written by Shery Ma Belle Arrieta

10, 20 or 30 e-zine subscription requests in one day.

500 unique visits to your web site last week.

12 fulfilled orders in two days.

8 people signed up under you in an affiliate program you advertised in an e-zine.

A $39 check this month from one ofrepparttar affiliate program you joined two months ago.

Your article published in an e-zine with over 5,000 readers.

What do these examples have in common?

The answer -- they're allrepparttar 123904 faces of success. Sure,repparttar 123905 numbers are small, but hey, success doesn't have to be in large numbers or very big to be called a "success."

Success is a relative word and a relative experience. It's like a piece of clothing or an accessory -- either you wear it well or you don't.

And onrepparttar 123906 Internet, if you want to achieverepparttar 123907 goals you've set for yourself, you have got to wear success well.

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