Written by Bob Garner

William Batten, a former executive at J.C. Penny once said, “There is nothing wrong with wanting to make money – except that it should not becomerepparttar sole objective. The end should be to provide a service or product that people need.”

No matter what your passion is in life, should you decide to follow it and turn that passion into reality that passion must provide a service or product that people need. It’s not as hard as you might imagine.

For example, say that your passion is painting art. The product that you will create will satisfyrepparttar 140765 need of those who enjoyrepparttar 140766 beauty of art. You will touch their emotions, you will awaken senses and feelings that have been dormant and bring to your customer – as anyone who appreciates art knows - hours, if not days and years of peace and enjoyment.

You may ask, “Can my artwork do that?” The answer is yes and maybe even more.

However, say that your passion is making money. I would ask you, “Is it really? Or is your passion reallyrepparttar 140767 art of making deals?” For example, do you watch Donald Trump on television or read his books? Are you fascinated when you read inrepparttar 140768 newspaper of how some people at a company put together a merger or acquired another company? Perhaps in your spare time you enjoy reading spy novels or books about lawyers or police putting together a plan of action to getrepparttar 140769 “bad guy” (or girl, let’s be fair!) If so, then you are intorepparttar 140770 details behind how certain ideas and deals are brought together and therefore your passion is making deals. The money isrepparttar 140771 by-product or as many others have said, “Just a way of keeping score.”

Why To-Do Lists Don't Work

Written by Steve Gillman

Do you use to-do lists? Do you find it satisfying to check offrepparttar items on that list? Too satisfying perhaps?

More than once I've found myself adding something I've already done to my daily list. I get to check it off then, you see. I get "credit" for allrepparttar 140724 things I've done. Whatever satisfaction this may give, it's also an indication I'm confusing effectiveness with just being busy.

Do To-Do Lists Help?

Of course it helps to write down meetings and events and necessary tasks. The problem is we sometimes start to work forrepparttar 140725 list, and thenrepparttar 140726 list may not work well for us. It's easy to feel like you're getting a lot done when you have a list to "prove" it. The question is whether you are gettingrepparttar 140727 important things done.

It seems so reasonable to sort my files again right now. I would feel good to cross that offrepparttar 140728 list. I have many such things that show up on my to-do lists, giving me plenty of opportunities to avoid more dificult things, like writing this article. This is what I need to be doing, however.

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