Written by Pamela Geiss

What's really important to know about doing business onrepparttar Internet? Everyone claims to have THE answer torepparttar 101120 pot of gold. How do you know who and what to believe?

Use your common sense. Everyone wantsrepparttar 101121 easy way out. All someone has to do is slap up a pretty website and tell you you can make money in your sleep, and you jump on it like bees on honey!

Inrepparttar 101122 same way, you build your downlines figuring everyone else will do their part selling and you can sit back and depositrepparttar 101123 checks.

WAKE UP! Life isn't like that! Business isn't like that! Business is hard work. If you don't want to work hard, you're not going to make it!

Who can you depend on to bring you success onrepparttar 101124 Internet? The answer is YOU! You arerepparttar 101125 only one who cares 100% that you are successful. You arerepparttar 101126 only one who is willing to put inrepparttar 101127 time and effort it takes to be succesful. You are alsorepparttar 101128 only one who can keep it from happening!

So what do you need to do? Take advantage of EVERY type of advertising you can find and think of. Free and paid. Get your own website. Exchange links. Write articles. Do an e-book. Start an ezine. Join forums. Use your imagination - think of new ways to get your message out. Who knows - you just may come up with something that takes off!

Are You Realistic or Unrealistic?

Written by Pamela Geiss

Are you realisitc or unrealistic about advertising onrepparttar Internet? When you purchase advertising, are you realistic in your expectations?

I recently wrote an article entitled "The Age of Now". My purpose was to point out that everyone seems to expect everything NOW. This seems to hold true in advertising also.

For example, I specialize in sending targeted traffic to websites. Customers will come in and order 1,000 visitors. If they don't get any sales, their first reaction is, "Well, this doesn't work. I won't do that again." How realistic is this thinking? Not realistic at all! Why? First of all, 1,000 visitors, 5,000 visitors, 10,000 visitors are all "drops in a bucket" when it comes torepparttar 101119 millions of people that are currently online. The more visitors you get,repparttar 101120 more people you are reaching. When you order 1,000 visitors, you are assuming that those 1,000 people thinkrepparttar 101121 way everybody else online thinks. You are assuming that if they aren't interested, neither willrepparttar 101122 next 1,000 or 5,000 or 10,000 be interested. That'srepparttar 101123 same principle as putting one ad in a newspaper and stopping after that.

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