Written by Meredith Pond

Julia Roberts, Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford, Michael Jordan. Recognize any of those people? Without a doubt, when someone mentionsrepparttar name of a celebrity, you know exactly who they're talking about and can even picture their face orrepparttar 129674 last movie they were in. Indeed, having a name that people recognize is a very important part of success. After all, if we weren't so familiar with Julia Roberts, she wouldn't be making a cool 20 million per film, no matter how good of an actress she was.

Well,repparttar 129675 name game plays just as a big part inrepparttar 129676 business world as it does in Hollywood. If I mentionrepparttar 129677 name of Cory Rudl, Kevin Nunley, or Jim Daniels, you most likely knowrepparttar 129678 name and at least something about them. This is because these guys have all made names for themselves in world of Internet business. You know them, and most likely would have respect for any advice or service they offered you. That notoriety and respect is what makes guys like these so successful.

That's all fine and good, but how did they do it? Well, start with a subject you know something about. If you're a marketing guru (or would like to become one), start by doing a search onrepparttar 129679 Internet for discussion groups or forums you can post your ideas to. Come up with new topics, offer advice, and always include your signature file in every new message, along with your URL and email address. Come back daily and get your name out there. After you've been doing this for a while, people on those discussion boards will begin to take notice.

Fun & Money In E-Media

Written by Susan James

There's lots of stuff onrepparttar Internet about making money; and lots of folks Marketing Different products and services. I'm only addressing folks who write books, and many ofrepparttar 129672 questions that come from those folks on making money with their books and usingrepparttar 129673 Internet as a Primary Tool.

I write from experience and not theory. I am having fun and I am making money. I use all ofrepparttar 129674 tools ofrepparttar 129675 Internet that are easy for me to use. If they are too hard for me then I don't use them, and I don't try to teachrepparttar 129676 hard stuff to myself.

I will tell you this: If you have written a book, then you have to be willing to expand outside of just your book. If you want to have fun and make money by usingrepparttar 129677 Internet as your Primary vehicle of creating your information as well as promoting it, you must expand outside of your book.

If you get stuck in *I wrote this great book* and your primary product is that book, then most likely your attitude is that you are hoping to be discovered. That can happen. But inrepparttar 129678 meantime, you might want to have some fun and make some money, instead of staying stuck onrepparttar 129679 hopes that you will be discovered.

Waiting to be discovered is almost like you wanting to meet mr or mrs prince charming, by not leaving your house, despiterepparttar 129680 many opportunities you are asked to go out ofrepparttar 129681 house.

You stay inrepparttar 129682 house withrepparttar 129683 notion that prince charming is just going to knock on your door, when you have put no energy out there for that to actually happen.

I have not once said: *I am writing a book to be famous.* *What I have said, is I intend on being a Web Based Multimillionaire.* That has put me onrepparttar 129684 potential path of that happening. But it is happening with more than *a book*. I began with 2 newsletters, when I did not know whatrepparttar 129685 heck I was doing. Those 2 newsletters have grown into 3 ebooks and 2 Paperback books, soon to be 3, with more coming. Money comes to me from that. The newsletters and books were all created electronically and all business for them was conducted overrepparttar 129686 Internet before I ever had a paper copy of anything. All electronic.

Also I do Personal Assistance Stuff and folks pay me money for that. I also do online courses and folks pay me money for that. I also do tons of free stuff.

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