Written by Karen Fegarty

I recently ran a report using GoodKeywords and was shocked at what I found. It only takes one cent to out bid your competitor, yet many of us are bidding much over to get that higher position.

Here is what I found for just 4 ofrepparttar keywords that I bid on:

Keyword - Domain Hosting Top bid - $6.02 Bid # 40 - $0.33 Had everyone bid just one cent to outbid their competitor repparttar 128415 top bid would have been $0.74. Savings to top bidder - $5.28 per click Clicks on this keyword per month - 21030 Overpayment to Overture - $111,038.40 per month **One company actually paid $2.52 more to reach position 3 instead of position 4. One cent would have worked!**

Keyword - Bulk Email Marketing Top bid - $2.34 Bid # 40 - $0.05 Had everyone bid just one cent to outbid their competitorrepparttar 128416 top bid would have been $0.46. Savings to top bidder - $1.88 per click Clicks on this keyword per month - 14993 Overpayment to Overture - $28,186.84 per month

Search Engine Hype, Don't You Believe It!

Written by David Seitz

Since it takes so long before your site will show up on many ofrepparttar Net's directories, it is a good idea to start early.

Am I going to try to get listed atrepparttar 128414 top ofrepparttar 128415 search engines? Hell, no! Don't be fooled by allrepparttar 128416 hype over search engine positioning. True, it could mean added traffic being listed nearrepparttar 128417 top, but I don't think it's worthrepparttar 128418 effort. Getting listed atrepparttar 128419 top of a search engine requires constant maintenance, and that alone can turn into a full-time job. If you haverepparttar 128420 time and resources to keep at it yourself, or to place a new employee intorepparttar 128421 search engine war, then by all means go for it, but if you're like most of us, read on and use these resources to quickly getrepparttar 128422 job done.

My advice, list your site inrepparttar 128423 top used engines BY HAND about once every month or two, then use a software submission package to list your site withrepparttar 128424 hundreds of other minor search engines and directories.

Spendrepparttar 128425 time you saved by trading links and listings with sites related to yours. Would I be hurting if allrepparttar 128426 search engines disappeared tomorrow? Sure, I would lose traffic, but not enough to hurt my business. I spend little time marketing using search engines. If you can set up a schedule to submit your listing every month and stick to it, you will have much more time to put into other forms of Internet marketing. If you still feel you must be listed atrepparttar 128427 top of those search engines, I have found a great tutorial that will help you do just that. http://www.wwwhunter.com/reports ops.htm

Most Search Engines attempt to list and document a webpage by readingrepparttar 128428 following: TITLE, META DISCRIPION, META KEYWORDS and TEXT. Be sure to include keywords in your title and throughout your website's content to increase your site's positioning. If you need help with your META tags, I have an automatic free system you can use at our web-site. http://www.associatesearch.com/metatags/ Just fill outrepparttar 128429 form and it will create your tags for you. If you would like to take advantage of allrepparttar 128430 META TAGS available, check out a great META TAG dictionary located at: http://vancouver-webpages.com/META/ Virtually all tags are covered here.

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