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Written by Paul Hailey

FORMATS bitmap, gif and jpeg. picture formats are commonly used.

I use jpeg format for converting most big pictures, and reducerepparttar dots per inch (dpi) to 70 or below, for a web page.

To keep jpeg file sizes under 50k, I use 30 to 60 onrepparttar 107904 'compression' scale for jpegs ( a scale runs from 2 as high quality, to 255 for low quality. )

Because many users employ a 256 colour palette, gif's are still much in use, but they only handle up to 256 colours. I use gifs for icons and small pics.

I use 24 bit colour bmp's for archiving (I use 300 dpi in case I might print them later), they can be used as a source for both gif and jpeg. -------------------------------- THE FORMATS -------------------------------- 1.bmp (bitmap) This is a pixel-mapped format. I scan pics at 300 dpi -this is aboutrepparttar 107905 maximum for a printer, but too good forrepparttar 107906 web.

300 dpi 10 by 8 inch pictures, take around 20 megabytes file size. 300 dpi bitmap scans are ideal for archiving, asrepparttar 107907 place to start processing.

NOTE - Netscape Browser does not appear to handle bmp's! ----------------


Gif's are useful for small pics like icons, and also come in 'animated' form useful for websites.

Any scanned colour pic should be processed to 256 colour FIRST, thenrepparttar 107908 dpi reduced to a maximum of 72dpi for screen use, then saved asrepparttar 107909 gif.

The basic colour palette options are (in PhotoPaint) : 'uniform palette' - keeps to colours that a 256 colour screen uses. This is good where multiple pics are on one webpage, becauserepparttar 107910 browser might have only those colours to use, (someone correct me if that's wrong?)

'adaptive palette' and 'optimised palette' These both selectrepparttar 107911 'best' 256 colours fromrepparttar 107912 picture itself -. Pics done with these options may not look well on pages with many pictures, asrepparttar 107913 browser page may be limited to 256 colours in total. A picture on its own on a page will look ok.

---------------- 3. jpegs (jpg)

The jpeg compression works directly from a 24 bit colour palette if necessary, whereas gifs are 256 colours maximum.

The standard compression method is type 4:4:4 on Photopaint. There is a scale 'compression' from 2 to 255. 2 is highest quality, biggest file, 255 is lowest quality, smallest file.

Here arerepparttar 107914 pic filesizes I got from different compression of a 70 dpi, 10 by 8 inch scan of a full colour (24bit) photograph:

"WARNING: Do not buy a computer until you read this

Written by Helen Cho

On a perfect summer day in 1997, life as I knew it was changed forever. I lost all trust inrepparttar human race, and felt my life was over -- but I vowed to seek vendetta inrepparttar 107903 most violent way. Yes,repparttar 107904 taste of blood was in my mouth…

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t quite as melodramatic as all that - but I sure was seething mad.

I had been ripped off torepparttar 107905 tune of $2800 by a scam artist who "sold" me a Gateway laptop overrepparttar 107906 Internet.

I’d tell yourepparttar 107907 details, but they’re just too painful to relive. And frankly, I feel more than a little embarrassed for being conned.

After that distasteful experience, I embarked on a personal crusade not only to exposerepparttar 107908 deceptive sales practices inrepparttar 107909 computer industry, but also to scourrepparttar 107910 globe forrepparttar 107911 best computer deals inrepparttar 107912 world.

I voraciously read computer manuals, specs, ads -- and scrutinized anything that even remotely resembled a PC. My brain becamerepparttar 107913 Geiger counter for computer-buying information.

As a result, I’ve becomerepparttar 107914 Head Purchasing Manager for a worldwide non-profit organization consisting of 7000+ members – in charge of purchasing computer equipment for overseas branches in South Korea, Russia,repparttar 107915 Philippines, China, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Europe.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Flashback to 1997.

Back then, I learned quite a few things about computer-buying that very few people on this planet know about. I’m going to reveal some sneaky -- and in some instances, illegal -- things that computer vendors do to bilk you out of your hard earned cash.

1) Bait and Switch - Computer vendors generally resort to any means to get you to their website or store first. The most common way is to lure you there withrepparttar 107916 promise ofrepparttar 107917 lowest prices. When you fall forrepparttar 107918 bait, and visit their website or store, you’ll find that their prices are higher than they advertised. They feed yourepparttar 107919 story thatrepparttar 107920 advertised price was last week’s price, or that price doesn’t include this component or that peripheral. Vendors do this because, inrepparttar 107921 highly competitive business of computer sales, this is sometimesrepparttar 107922 only way they get a shot at showing you their wares. Then, they dorepparttar 107923 usual song-and-dance routine: “But while you’re here, have I got a deal for you…” hoping you won’t go looking elsewhere.

2) Bankruptcy Routine - This trick consists of opening a ‘new’ computer outlet, selling product for a few months, shipping only a portion ofrepparttar 107924 orders, and then declaring bankruptcy and taking most ofrepparttar 107925 customer’s money. The people who do this are real crooks, and typically engage in this practice many times.

3) Opportunistic Pricing - This is something very few people know about. Mail order companies change their prices and specifications regularly. They have a complex pricing policy where they employ experts whose only job is to determine exactly how muchrepparttar 107926 market will be willing to pay for a specific model.

4) Delayed Shipments - Some firms charge your credit card, and ship your order within a week -- but since it is a legal requirement thatrepparttar 107927 goods are shipped to you within 30 days, it could take all of 30 days before your goods leave their warehouse. And you may not be able to cancel your order. They are, of course, earning interest on your money.

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