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Speaking from experience

Written by Sohaib Thiab

Buyer Heavens Article No. 1

Volume 1/Issue 1

Feb ‏2004

Speaking from experience!!

Let us face it

We all know there is lots of hype, false claims, and misleading associated with running a profitable business onrepparttar Internet. I personally have come across dozens of announcements and invitations to join such programs and make an easy buck for almost doing nothing. The promise has always been thatrepparttar 117047 Internet will work for you and generate a steady income while you enjoy other things in life. I wish things have been easy, but thenrepparttar 117048 whole thing will not work for anyone anymore if everyone jumps onboard.

In this series of Buyer-Heavens Articles, I will try to speak openly and frankly on these issues from my own personal experience. Honesty and professionalism will berepparttar 117049 overall guidance for my elaborations onrepparttar 117050 issues and challenges in having a truly profitable home business. Doing so, I look forward to open a venue for sharing thoughts, ideas and suggestions among us and extend a helping hand to each other whenever and wherever possible.

Enjoy .

Sohaib Thiab

Buyer Heavens

where business deals are win-win for all !

Lesson-1: There is no Free Lunch!

This is common sense rule. No one is going to offer you something for free. There is always a price to be paid in one way orrepparttar 117051 other, so be prepared for that. Claims contrary to this simple business rule are pure hype and cheap talk.

The point I want to make here is that you must be aware ofrepparttar 117052 price that you have to pay, either directly or indirectly, visible or hidden, so be careful. For starter, your domain name registration and hosting would not come free, would it?

Having a PC and an Internet connection is not free either, is it ?

Lesson-2 The effort/payback balance

This is another common sense rule. There should always be a balance betweenrepparttar 117053 effort you put into something, andrepparttar 117054 payback you may expect. Having a profitable business from home would certainly require some effort and some investment to see rewarding results.

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