Written by Ranjit Hira

Was Pakistan a British creation?

In 1947, India was not expected to survive as a nation

The furore inrepparttar BJP camp in India, triggered by L K Advani’s recent remarks about Jinnah being a secular person and yetrepparttar 144329 founder of Pakistan, seems to have subsided. What isrepparttar 144330 real, historical truth? Recently unsealed British top-secret archives provide a stunningly different version of what really happened duringrepparttar 144331 cataclysmic partition, in 1947, of India into three separate and distinct entities.

Prior to India’s independence, it was widely believed that India was not likely to survive as an independent nation. The Muslim League dreamt of restoring Muslim political dominance in India and did not originally envisage a partition ofrepparttar 144332 country into independent Muslim states. The Leaguers, in fact, felt that Partition would mean that Muslim power would get withdrawn to two distant corners ofrepparttar 144333 subcontinent…considered by many an embarrassing retreat for Islam, which enjoyed 800 years of conquest. Since Muslims were nearly 40 per cent ofrepparttar 144334 population of pre-partition British India andrepparttar 144335 non-Muslims were fragmented into innumerable faiths and castes,repparttar 144336 concept of re-establishing some degree of Muslim dominance and control overrepparttar 144337 entire subcontinent seemed enticingly possible.

According to widely accepted notions, in India and Pakistan, Mohammed Ali Jinnah wasrepparttar 144338 architect of Pakistan. Actually, it wasrepparttar 144339 British who threatened to conduct a referendum in every province ofrepparttar 144340 subcontinent and it was Jawaharlal Nehru and Sardar Vallabhai Patel who surrendered torepparttar 144341 pressure, settingrepparttar 144342 stage for Lord Mountbatten,repparttar 144343 British Viceroy of India, to formally proposerepparttar 144344 Partition Plan and getrepparttar 144345 Congress and Muslim League to accept it. On February 20, 1947,repparttar 144346 British Prime Minister, Clement Attlee, announced that “Britain might have to consider handing over power torepparttar 144347 existing provincial governments”. This leftrepparttar 144348 Congress with no choice but to accept partition.

At that time, very few persons imagined that India would not only survive but actually flourish as one ofrepparttar 144349 world’s strongest and longest lasting democracies and that Sardar Patel,repparttar 144350 “Iron Man of India” would succeed in orchestratingrepparttar 144351 almost unimaginable task of so swiftly and decisively integrating over 600 former princely states intorepparttar 144352 Indian Union, atrepparttar 144353 time of Independence, in 1947.

'Palestinians' abuse goodwill to attack Israel

Written by Ryan Jones

Palestinian Arab terrorists continue to abuse Israeli goodwill in order to carry out murderous attacks against Jewish men, women and children, as evidenced by Monday's arrest of a would-be female “suicide” bomber in Gaza.

Wafa Samir Ibrahim Bas, 21, had been granted ongoing access to “Israel proper” in order to obtain treatment at Beersheva's Soroka Medical Center for burns she suffered during a gas tank explosion earlier inrepparttar year.

A terror group affiliated with PLO chief Mahmoud Abbas's ruling Fatah faction took advantage ofrepparttar 144223 situation, and convinced Bas to strap explosives to her body and detonate them during her next visit torepparttar 144224 hospital.

Speaking from an Israeli prison hours after her arrest, Bas said she had hoped to kill as many as 50 Jews, including as many children as possible.

“I love Allah, I loverepparttar 144225 land of Palestine and I am a member of [Fatah's] Al-Aksa Brigades,” she declared.

Security officials noted this was notrepparttar 144226 first case ofrepparttar 144227 Palestinian Arabs making use of Israeli humanitarian goodwill in an effort to murder Jews.

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