WAP for Webmasters

Written by James Scott

What is WAP?

The Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) is a standard technology that enables Cellular Phones to connect torepparttar Internet and view stripped down Web Pages and Services.

WAP uses similar concepts torepparttar 132071 desktop Internet we are all familiar with. The Cellular Phone has embedded WAP Micro-Browser software capable of displaying WML (Wireless Markup Language). The user entersrepparttar 132072 URL of a WAPSite intorepparttar 132073 Micro-Browser and this request is forwarded to a WAP Gateway. The WAP Gateway resides withinrepparttar 132074 Cellular Carriers network providing an interface betweenrepparttar 132075 Phone andrepparttar 132076 Internet. The WAP Gateway retrieves WML content from conventional web servers onrepparttar 132077 Internet and returns it torepparttar 132078 Phone to be displayed byrepparttar 132079 Micro-Browser.

Why do we need WAP?

Is another markup language really needed? In a word - Yes! The constraints of mobile devices and networks such as low bandwidth, high latency, low memory, and small display capabilities mean conventional Internet protocols (HTTP/TCP/IP) are unsuitable for use inrepparttar 132080 wireless environment. It is not feasible to automatically translate HTML designed for a high-resolution monitor onto a three or four line Cellular Phone display. WAP is a standardised way to provide efficient and reliable access to Internet based information and services via Cellular Phones.

How to WAP enable your existing website

If you already know HTML you will find learning WML very easy. There are less tags and most followrepparttar 132081 conventions of HTML. The main differences between developing forrepparttar 132082 Web and Wap arerepparttar 132083 small screen size, monochrome images only, and slow connection considerations. Well-designed WAP applications provide a simplified web-like experience.

Do You Know What Your Website Visitors Are REALLY Looking For?

Written by Jim Daniels

Throughrepparttar last few years I've tried many solutions to a nagging problem... how to let visitors easily search through my website. Each time I'd try a new service, script or software program I'd run into a problem. Eitherrepparttar 132069 searching was too slow,repparttar 132070 search engine results were lousy or it just plain didn't work.

After lots of trial and error, I finally found a site search tool that is head and shoulders above all others. Actually, it is more than that. It can be used as a powerful marketing tool as well. I now know "exactly" what my website visitors are looking for and can present my own solutions to them in a unique manner.

o First,repparttar 132071 tool:

I'd like to invite you to tryrepparttar 132072 new search tool at my home page... http://www.bizweb2000.com - what you'll find is a slick, independently hosted search solution for corporations, small businesses, and individual web developers... Atomz.

With Atomz, absolutely anyone can quickly and easily add a powerful search engine to any site, andrepparttar 132073 service is free for sites with less than 500 pages.

I got my own Atomz search engine 100% up and running in less than an hour. And while I still have a little "tweaking" to do,repparttar 132074 engine up at my site now is FAR better than every solution I tried inrepparttar 132075 past. I spent zero dollars and almost zero time getting it working.

Actually, to putrepparttar 132076 Atomz engine at your site, there's nothing to do but fill out a few forms, decide what areas you want your visitors to be able to search through and turn Atomz loose to index your pages. In seconds it spits out html code for you. You pasterepparttar 132077 code into any page you want a search form on, then uploadrepparttar 132078 page to your site. Bingo. Done.

You now have a powerful search engine on your site and your visitors will love you for it! What's nice is that there are no annoying ad banners shown with your search results, just a small "Powered by Atomz.com" graphic.

But there's really much more to Atomz than this. It holds a unique marketing value for savvy web marketers...

o The Atomz fun starts...

As your visitors search your site, Atomz logs what they enter and then creates reports for you by day, week, and month. These reports tell you what visitors are looking for at your site. You can use this information to improve your site or to controlrepparttar 132079 search results for your visitors.

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